Kokoro Japanese Restaurant @ Cheras : Delicious Japanese Delights

Being there not just for once but many times, Kokoro indeed not disappoint me with their awesome food variety. The restaurant comes with loads of good stuff that you should not missed here.
Sashi Salmon wih Karashi Dressing (RM 18.90)
One of the signature here, the fresh slices of salmon is soaked in the homemade secret recipe mushroom sauce is indeed delicious. Not much of those spicy and chocky mustard taste, the mustard salad comes with the appetising taste instead and it really goes well with the generous portion of salmon that comes with it.
Sushi Tako (2 pcs)  (RM 10.90)  
Sushi Hamachi (2 pcs) : RM 13.90
Sushi Salmon (2 pcs) RM 8.90
All the fresh sushi all in one plate and packed with freshness. The taste is simply awesome and delicious. Love every bites if the delicious sushi to go for.
Salt Grilled Salmon Head (RM 13.90)
Enjoy the delicious Salmon Head which is well grilled till perfection. The Salmon Head is very huge in portion and we are happily enjoy the delicious portion of it.
Nasu Itame (RM 13.90) 
The dish comes simply impressive. Combination of the brinjal, capsicum, and tomato. It is then being stir fried with miso. Deliciously done with the fragrant bites. Juicy and good.
Grilled Pork Belly Don (RM 16.90)
The pork belly (Three layer belly) is being grilled till perfection topped with the onsen egg. When eat, mix the rice together with the onsen egg and their signature sauce all in one.  And I am almost tempted for everything in the bowl. Love the juiciness of it.
Ebi Ten Don (RM 18.90)
The bowl of rice topped with the teppanyaki sauce and also crunchy ebi and tempura ontop. Just a wholesome meal for the day with sides of a salad and a soup. The ebi  comes simply crispy and juicy with the crunchy bites of it.
Seafood with Tofu Dashi Nabe (RM 20.90)
The bowl of nabe filled with tofu, prawns and also mushroom on top. The soup base is their speciality where this superior sou is made from the premium ingredients which is imported all the way from Japan. Every sip of the soup comes simply sweet and flavourful.
Claypot Seafood Udon Soup (RM 16.90)
A bowl of udon which is served in the claypot. Uniquely presented like having some Chinese Noodles but of course, this is more worthy in terms of taste and presentation too. With the light creamy soup based, it is topped with prawns, fish meat, enoki mushrooms, black mushroom and udon.  Lovely done with the complete flavourful taste in it.
Shitake Miso Soup Cha Soba (RM16.90)
The bowl of hot pipping soup where it comes with the imported soba all the way from Japan. The miso soup comes simply flavourful with slices of shitake in it. Bringing you with the complete refreshing taste. Sides with the crispy tempura and green salad
Kokoro Japanese Restaurant
16, Jalan Manis 4,
Taman Segar,
56100 Cheras,
Kuala Lumpur.
Business Hours:
Sun – Thurs: 11.30am – 10.30pm
Closed on Fridays

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