Change Your Phone Yearly with CompAsia Renew+

Buying a new phone every year is indeed many of our wish or perhaps we can say is a dream to everyone. And with the ReNew+ Solution, you can have your new handphone every year. Recognizing the needs of Consumer, CompAsia had launched their first new programme by the named of “Renew +” where one just made buying a new smartphone every year more affordable.
6 Reasons Why You Should Choose CompAsia ReNew+ Programme
1. New Smartphone Every Year
Upgrade to a new smartphone every12 months and get cashback when you return your used device. For those who are a big fans of changing their phones yearly, with this plan you can actually consider getting this plan. With this plan, change your handphone every year where you will actually save a lot compare getting your phone trade-in for a very  low price in the market.
2. One Year Free Phone Guard
Phone screen crack? No worries, here in CompAsia, they provide you with the service of 1 year one time cracked screen replacement with 24/7 online claim reporting and free pick-up and return delivery.
3. Low Monthly Payment
And not just that, no worries about interest of getting the phone, with Maybank zero interest instalment plan with over 24 months you will have a free hassle and mind free instalment plan.
4. Carrier Independent
No more binding with telcos now. As many experienced of changing telco from one to another due to service or special benefits, you are not able too as there will be no more contract binding with those carriers. You can shift to any carrier now with the great benefits at anytime.
5. No Upgrade Fee
6. Brand Independent
With all this good benefits, move over to tell you more about their first product offering by CompAsia, now you can get the new iPhone 7s or 7+ via ReNew+ programme from as low as RM160 per month and you are allowed to trade in after 12 months of payments to get the next generation iPhone without the hassle of any upgrading or termination fees.
For more information and updates about CompAsia ReNew+ Program, please visit CompAsia Website at

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