10 Things to do in Pulau Tioman

Looking for some activities in Pulau Tioman? Many will say being stayed in the island what can we do. No worries, Berjaya Tioman have them all for you regardless you are need some Vitamin SEA or Jungle Retreats.

About Pulau Tioman
 Tioman is a small island, 39 km long and 12 km wide, located off the east coast of peninsular Malaysia. Located within the Mersing Marine Park, which contains fewer commercial islands such as Sibu Island. The primary gateway Mersing is in Johor. Pulau Tioman was once listed as one of the most beautiful islands in the world where numerous spots have been used in movies and such.

In fact, it has been used as an important navigation point for fishermen for thousands of years of which trading ships from China, Europe and the Middle East had once stopped here.

And here are the TEN things you can do in Pulau Tioman 
1. Cycling

Sweat it out, rent a bicycle and you can go around the hotel and places around Berjaya Group. Have some romantic ride with your loves one where  they comes with few choices of bicycle that suits you and your family.

RM5.00 / 1 hour RM 15.00/ 4 hours RM25.00 / 7am-7pm
2. Swimming



Soak in the pool or have some fun with your kids in the pools and slides. It is pretty fun to grab your fun here on the pool or even the outdoor Jacuzzi here in Berjaya Tioman. You can swim in the sea too!
(Pictures from Berjaya Tioman)
For those who owns a diving license, hop to the sea and dive with the sea creatures. Enjoy the beautiful blue sea and look beneath the beauty of the sea here. They do have diving centre to assist you on your needs.
(Pictures from Berjaya Tioman)


Pictures from Ellie
No Diving license, no worries and you can enjoy the beautiful scenic view of the sea.  The ocrals and beautiful view of the sea itself . Spot some of the beautiful fishes and corals just below and you can see them with your naked eyes.
Renggis Island Snookering 
Adult:-  RM 40.00 Child:-  RM 20.00 
(Pictures from Berjaya Tioman)
For those who come in team, you can enjoy a ride on the banana boat and have some fun by the beach with your group of friends.
Banana Boat Ride ( Minimum 3 pax) 
15 min:- RM 25.00/person 
One of the recommended activities and one of the activities we love is of course kayaking. Ride your way to Renggis Island and witness the beautiful corals just below.
Single:- RM  20.00/hour Double:- RM 40.00/hour 
If you are those who prefer to have a more relaxing trip, why not get a ride on the glass boat and you can witness the beautiful colors of corals below.


FOr those who are not to the sea person and enjoying Vitamin Sea, you can go for some jungle tracking there. Witness the untouch and well preserved jungle there and you can see a some greeneries and also meeting up with some amphibians there too. Don’t miss the waterfall there which makes the trip even worthwhile!
9 . GOLF
(Pictures from Berjaya Tioman)
Go for a golf if you are not a seaside person, enjoy the 18 hole golf course in the beautiful scenerity of the island itself.

10. SPA

(Pictures from Berjaya Tioman)

Get yourself a SPA retreat after a variety of activities round the island. Grab some relaxation here where you can drift into a journey of total rejuvenation to sooth and revitalise the mind, body and soul. Pampering yourself and taking that well-deserved break now seems so much more intriguing!

So, with the 10 things you can do here in Pulau Tioman, dont miss out the great activity and event here.

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