Renovation Tips: Check on Tiles to avoid Tile Peeling

Well, one of those things that we need to be aware when we get our keys from developer is of course checking up your house. And one of the MUST look items is of course on the tiles.

As nowadays, most home that we buy are complete with tiles and one of a MUST to look for is checking the tiles. Why must we check on the tiles? If there is no checking, you will have the issues of tiles peeling which will be within 3 months to 2 years. And for end user, we will not able to know them.

Some renovation on our home is actually depending on the cement that is used, and some is depends on skills. How to check, use a coin and knock every tiles in the home and every corner of it. And if you hear some sound , it means there is no cement below and do request to change the tiles. And you can ask about the cement use and ask for better cement if you are doing renovation

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