Q&As with Ms. Tamara Grindrod, Asia Regional Franchise Marketing Director of Playdoh

1. You have the dream job envied by many – working in a toy company, being surrounded with toys every day – can you share with us what your typical day is like?
No day is ever the same and that is what I love about it! As the Asia Regional Franchise Marketing Director, I have the privilege of working across multiple markets and iconic brands like PLAY-DOH – each with their own unique challenges and opportunities. The one consistency in my day is the ongoing desire to deliver the World’s Best Play experience through each one of our brands in every market – that and amassing an awesome toy collection for my office!
2. How do you feel working with a fun and creative brand like PLAY-DOH compared to other brands under Hasbro’s portfolio? 
PLAY-DOH is completely unique because it is quite literally a hands-on experience. When you open a can of PLAY-DOH compound, you are opening a can of imagination with endless possibilities of what you can create. I love seeing kids’ imaginations come to life right before my eyes. It also allows me to be really creative and have fun with the brand as a marketer. 
3. What is it like working with the product design and manufacturing teams, coming up with inspirations and ideas to make PLAY-DOH appeal to kids and parents?
It is like being on a super creative, collaborative team of really passionate people who take pride in what they do knowing it will end up being a birthday present, surprise gift or a favourite toy. 

4. What are some of the challenges that you face in (3)? 
The biggest challenge is prioritising the many amazing project we always have in the mix. It’s a good problem to have since it means we are always moving a million miles a minute to bring our brands to life.

5. What do you like the most about your role? 
Working with really talented, energetic, passionate people – including the Doh Dohs.

6. Do you experiment or play with PLAY-DOH products while you’re in the office? 
Of course! Even more so now getting ready to celebrate the 60th Anniversary of the PLAY-DOH brand. Sometimes I even open a can of PLAY-DOH to inspire creativity on other projects that I am working on!
7. You work way in advance before a new product is introduced to the markets. How do you and your team manage keeping all the excitement within yourselves till the launch date? 
It’s not easy, but we know the wait is worthwhile to ensure everything is finalised and ready to go before we reveal. 

8. Which PLAY-DOH product do you like the most or proudest of? Is there a favourite compound colour? 
I am a big fan of the brand new PLAY-DOH Shape & Learn line. It is a 2+ product with great creative learning tools and guides to play with your little one. Something very cool about this line is that It was actually developed out insights that we have found throughout Asia – parents are looking for toys that are both fun and have developmental benefits. To me, Shape & Learn is the best of both worlds! 
My favourite compound colour is blue.
9. PLAY-DOH has been sharing some great sculpting ideas on its social media site and the creative sculpts truly inspire us. Are you good at sculpting? What is the most challenging sculpt you have done so far?  
There really is no bad creation – no right or wrong way to play. However, those social media posts come in so handy to show me tips to make my creations! I love to be inspired by the creativity I see. I also love to see what our fans sculpt and share with us on Facebook – they are so creative. 
10. We are really excited and looking forward to see how the brand has evolved through the decades. Are you able to reveal any upcoming PLAY-DOH products that we can look forward to? 
I would love to, but have to refer to question #7. I promise it’s worth the wait!
11. PLAY-DOH started with 4 colours and has now grown to over 50 colours. Any special colours that you will add to the collection? Maybe a special limited edition colour released every year? 
We are always exploring new ways to expand the brand experience. There is nothing I can share now, but you of course never know! 
12. PLAY-DOH is celebrating 60 years and am sure you grew up with the brand. What is your favourite memory/moment of PLAY-DOH? 
PLAY-DOH is a multi-sensory experience. I especially love the smell of PLAY-DOH!  I remember being a small child and creating an awesome tiger to show off to my parents at our family dinner table complete with tiger roars. 
PLAY-DOH takes me back, keeps me young, and makes me want to create new fun and memories. Thanks so much for interviewing me. We love people who are as passionate about PLAY-DOH and Hasbro as we are! 

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