Halal Dim Sum @ The Emperor, Dorsett Grand Subang

Halal Dim Sum Love to enjoy some delicious Halal Dim Sum, here you go with the Emperor where they comes up with their Halal Dim Sum where you can enjoy them with friends, colleagues, business partners and more.
Double-Boiled Pitaya Yellow Flower with Dried Scallop Soup
The warming bowl of soup is well double boiled with the complete flavours in it. I love the flavourful taste of the soup which is complete with the sweetness and nutritious taste with it.
Aside from their signature soup, enjoy their wide choices of delicious dim sum here.


Steamed Crab Meat Seaweed Roll Dumpling
Served hot from their kitchen, the steamed crab meat seaweed roll dumpling is absolutely a must to order here. The juicy bites with the fragrant crab meat in it, wrapped with the seaweed just so good and delicious with the combination of some fish paste in it.


Steamed Prawn Dumpling with Coriander
Enjoy the pluppy prawn in the prawn dumpling which is wrapped with thin succulent skin. The crunchy bites of the prawns inside the dumpling is awesomely delicious and give you a crunchy bites of it, so much I could say we don’t mind to have more of these.


Steamed Siew Mai
The delicious pluppy meaty siew mai. Topped with tobiko on top.
 Steamed Squid Ink Bun with Salted Egg
Enjoy the pipping golden yellow lava (Salted Egg Lava) ooze out from the steamed squid ink bun. It is so creamy and mouthwatering with the hint of salted egg in it. Nicely done!
Aside from the Steamed item, one can also try their fried item dim sum where they have quite a variety to choose from.


Crispy ” Cheong Fun ‘ with Prawn
Love some cheong fun, have them with a twist instead of the normal one. Here in The Emperor; you will be served with the yao tiao in it and prawns. Topped with the ebiko on top.


Deep – Fried Prawn Roll with Cheese
Enjoy those crispy bites of prawn roll  with cheese inside where it is deep fried till perfection and each bites give you a delicious cheesy texture while it is crispy at the outside.


Deep – Fried Yam Buff


Osmanthus Cake with Chrysanthemum and wolfberry
Ends your meal with of course to delicious sweet temptations. They added pieces of chestnut into it that give it a good texture.
Address: Jalan SS 12/1, Ss 12, 47500 Subang Jaya,
Selangor, Malaysia
Phone: +60 3-5031 6060


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