In conjunction with Malaysia Day, KFC is uniting everyone’s favorite Original Recipe chicken and Rendang gravy, creating a breakfast for all Malaysians.

Rendang which is popularly served across Malaysia and commonly enjoyed during festive occasions is now available in all KFC Breakfast restaurants, allowing you to give yourself a breakfast treat every day starting from RM6.90*only!

The Classic Rice Rendang which unites two of Malaysia’s familiar favorites, the KFC Original Recipe chicken and Rendang gravy makes for an ultimate tasty breakfast no one can deny befitting its tagline “Everyone’s favorites, combined!”

“From as low as RM6.90*, KFC’s Classic Rice Rendang combines two familiar favorites; the KFC Original Recipe chicken and Rendang gravy, making it a breakfast meal for all Malaysians! Paired with KFC Colonel Rice, this is definitely a value-for-money treat you wouldn’t want to miss. It’s simply a classic,” said Angelina Villanueva, Senior General Manager, KFC Marketing.
KFC’s Classic Rice Rendang is available in either one piece or two pieces of Original Recipe chicken combos. The Weekday Treats for one piece Classic Rice Rendang is only at RM6.90* which includes one piece of KFC Original Recipe chicken, Colonel Rice, sunny-side up egg and choice of coffee or tea. The combo that includes an additional hash brown is only at RM9.90*. The two piece Classic Rice Rendang for Weekday Treats and combo is also available at an affordable price of RM9.90* and RM12.90* respectively.

Available now for a limited time only, grab your dose of KFC Breakfast at a selected 246 KFC restaurants in Malaysia. For more information, please visit: www.kfc.com.my
*Selling price may vary by location.

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