Azure Voyage with Daniel Wu – Your Guide to the Ultimate Travel Experience in Hong Kong

Situated in the heart of Asia and synonymous with being one of the world’s best cities, Hong Kong is well-known for its stunning skylines and world-class attractions. Abound with endless possibilities and adventures, make the most out of your trip there with some top recommendations by Daniel Wu, as he brings visitors through a unique travel experience.

An arts and culture scene like no other

Home to an amalgamation of culture due to centuries of Chinese influence and 150 years of colonial rule, Hong Kong is filled with a vibrant history, no doubt making a visit to its cultural areas a must-do. Being an avid supporter of the local arts and culture scene, Daniel recommends heading to emerging cultural and creative landmark PMQ (formerly known as Police Married Quarters), a hub for design and creative industries.

Previously a dormitory for Chinese rank and file police officers and the original site for the Queen’s College Central School, PMQ houses almost 100 design and creative enterprises, ranging from hipster cafes, to fashion and household product design sectors, design studios and lodging for visiting designers. PMQ is indeed the place to experience the many facets of Hong Kong.

To supplement your trip to Hong Kong, Daniel also recommends going on diverse on-ground sightseeing tours to the independent stores run by budding entrepreneurs at Hong Kong Central and Sheung Wan, hopping on the one-of-a-kind tram tours and traversing the exciting mountain hiking routes.

Local Eats 

What’s an adventure without some local food? For the best local food that truly represents Hong Kong, Daniel recommends visiting one of the many local cha chaan tengs (a Hong Kong style tea restaurant) that fuel Hong Kong. These local diners are where Hong Kong-ers satiate their appetite for almost anything at almost any time! Cha chaan tengs operate round-the-clock, serving distinctly indigenous comfort food amidst bustling industriousness. Just like their menu – written on paper and taped to the wall – cha chaan tengs extend wall-to-wall and is a common sight in the country.

“Having food made at a cha chaan teng is truly comforting. Whenever I return from travelling, I often make a trip to a traditional tea house and take in all that it has to offer; the patron’s chatters and the down-to-earth service. The whole familiarity of the setting – lets me know that I’m home,” says Daniel.

Experience a whole new and unique journey to Hong Kong

A novel and unconventional way of travelling to Hong Kong is through its cruises that berth at Kai Tak Cruise Terminal and Ocean Terminal. With more than 50 cruise liners docking at Kai Tak Cruise Terminal and Ocean Terminal throughout the year, visitors are offered the complete experience (both on board and off) with outstanding ameniti
es and exciting shore excursions offered.

Hong Kong is a perfect cruise hub to embark on a cruise voyage. There are many international cruise lines offering fascinating itineraries that start in Hong Kong. Visitors are able to either sit back and pamper themselves with relaxing massages, or even take part in the myriad of activities prepared for them. “What I love most about being on a cruise, is the versatility of its activities. I can take part in outdoor sports right on the ship itself such as surfing on the surfing simulator, go on the indoor skydiving simulator, and trying out the deep sea submersibles. Right after, I am able to treat myself to a meal with a serene view of the ocean and Victoria Harbour. I feel that this has a much better appeal than other kinds of holidays,” concludes Daniel.

To provide visitors with a totally new Hong Kong experience, Daniel Wu has teamed up with the Hong Kong Tourism Board to come up with ‘Azure Voyage’, a magazine guide and series of promotional short films which will be able to provide visitors with a comprehensive guide to Hong Kong and suggestions on interesting places to visit. Available on the Hong Kong Tourism Board’s website, the guide will allow visitors to experience Hong Kong from a new perspective and turn their Asian cruise holiday into the trip of a lifetime.

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