RM 88 nett dim sum @ Dynasty Restaurant,Renaissance Kuala Lumpur

Dim Sum Dim Sum, and now you can grab the all you can eat dim sum here in Dynasty Restaurant at RM 88 nett per person and half price for children for 6 to 12 years old. This delicious mooncake available from Mondays to Saturdays from 12.00 noon to 2.30 pm. Or you can opt to dine them in ala-carte menu too.

Making all those delicious dim sum from scratch, Chef Chong Foo Tuck who has over 30 years of culinary experience uses only high quality and fresh ingredients to ensure only superior dim sum with great taste are produce in his kitchen.

Enjoy the variety choices of dim sum either from baked, steamed, and also deep fried all in one in here at Renaissance Kuala Lumpur. Savour till the fullest with the best thing of all here is you can have most of the item in one goal.


Congee with Dried Scallop (RM 14.80 per portion) 

Enjoy some congee with the variety choices whether with dried scallop, roasted pork and peanuts or even enoki, fungus and fish fillet. Deliciously done with the velvety texture of porridge where every mouthful is completes with the delicious ingredients. Awesomely good!


Steamed Rice Flour rolls with dough fritters and dried shrimps. (RM 14.80 per portion)

The deliciously tempting rice flour rolls where it comes with the crispy bites in the middle while the delicious smooth and silky steamed rice flour around it. The taste is perfectly an indulgence.


Steamed Shanghai Dumpling simmered in Superior Stock (RM 16.80 per portion) 

Deliciously done where the xiao long bao with the porklicious taste soaked in the flavourful blend of soup. The soup comes sweet and nice which brings you with the total indulgence.


Signature Chive Biscuit (RM 16.80 per portion) 

The crispy bites at the outside and inside with the meat and loads of chives. Enjoy them with the dip of chili sauce.

Steamed bun with egg yolk custard (RM 15.90 per portion) 

The steamed bun comes awesome with the ooziness of the egg custard in it. The milky taste of it is just a perfect indulgence.

Wok-fried radish cake with shrimp and bean sprout (RM 15.90) 

What makes me happier is the savoury and well done radish cake. With the light spiciness, I am just a happy girl and I love the light kick of spiciness of it.  Top with those pluppy huge prawns with it.


Emerald Dumpling topped with fresh Scallop (RM 15.80)

Deliciously done pluppy dumpling, with the huge prawns inside while outside topped with large scallops. It is then being steamed till perfection!

Minced pork Dumpling Topped with Fish Roe (RM 13.80 per portion) 

Since having some meal in a dim sum restaurant, no one would say no to siew mai. And in here the siew mai is being topped with the ebiko on top. Yummz!

Crystal prawn dumpling with Cilantro

Love some dumpling, the crystal prawn dumpling is just as awesome as it is. Love the bouncy texture of the prawn dumpling that comes with t.

Love some bites of crispiness, they have so much to try from the pan seared Shanghai Dumpling, golden fluffy yam puff to crispy yam biscuit and more. We love the delicious crispy prawn salad dumpling where it give us  good bites of crispiness.

The oven baked egg custard  tart brings you with the creamy egg custard  In the middle while at the side comes with bites of crispiness.

For those   who are a big fans of dim sum, you must visit the 30 scrumptious choices where you are assured to enjoy the delicious dim sum fro Chef Chong’s line up. Do check out the various promotions from the credit card for you to enjoy the All-You-Can- Eat Dining Experiences.

For restaurant reservation and discover more, do call 03-2716 9388 or email [email protected].

Address: Corner of Jalan Sultan Ismail and Jalan Ampang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Phone: +60 3-2162 2233
GPS:  3.1572493,101.7051012

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