Kedondong &
Elderflower Mocktail

To start off the
meal, a refreshing mocktail will be served to stimulate the appetite. The
aperitif is made of Kedondong fruit, a true tropical Malaysian flavour. It can
only be found in a few local shops and is rare to purchase in restaurants. The
Kedondongs used will be peeled & blended. Then a touch of elderflower (added
for sweetness), apple & basil seed will be added to the mix.

Beef Carpaccio,
Mini King Oyster Mushroom, Rendang Spiced Dressing, Parmesan Sorbet
First entrée served
is a light beef carpaccio, which is raw & sliced. Canola oil is used in the
dish, which has been infused with Malaysian herbs and spices such as rendang &
ginger. The mushrooms are sautéed in butter with sale pepper. This dish is
accompanied with a parmesan sorbet, as the body is a different texture adding a
cold & refreshing element. This plate of food displays pure fusion, conveyed
by the use of a traditional European Dish (Italian) combined with Asian

Coral Trout
Confit, Kaffir Lime Leaf, Yam Puree, Apple-ginger Flower Salad, Curry Emulsion
Second entrée
served is a dainty portion of coral trout, which is locally sourced from the East
Coast of Malaysia. The fish is slow cooked in oil that has been infused with
kaffir lime leaf. The yam puree adds an element of density to the dish,
complimented by a delicious curry emulsion. There is also a tinge of apple
flavouring, which is from the apple-ginger salad.
Slow Cooked Lamb
rump, Artichoke, Young Jackfruit, Taucu, Sarawak Pepper Lamb Jus
Main dish is a
mouth-watering slow cooked lamb rump piece. The technique used to cook this
lamb is called sous vide. This means the lamb is sealed in a vacuum package, then
placed in a warm water bath where the temperature is kept at a constant degree
for the whole cooking time. Included in the dish there are other flavourful
ingredients, such as taucu, which is made from preserved fermented yellow soya

Grilled &
Liquid Watermelon, Rose-lychee Jelly, Micro Tomato, Mangosteen Sorbet
For dessert there
is a delightful combination of watermelon soup, compressed then grilled
watermelon, juicy micro tomato (which is actually a fruit), tomato chutney,
kumquat meringue & refreshing Mangosteen sorbet.
160 ++ Per Person

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