Big Crab Restaurant(巨蟹王海鲜餐馆)@ Kepong : Crab-licious Meal

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– Inside view-

Crab Crab Crab here I come. Now I don’t need to travel all the way for my crab-licious meal ! Is now in Kepong ! If you remember those days where Lucky Seafood restaurant is Klang that has a big hype for their super huge crab, they have their new recent outlet  here in Kepong bringing you with the delicious seafood temptations.

– The Tank of Goodies-

Located nearby Tai Thong Odean in Kepong, the new crab-licious restaurant just open is less than 2 months. Cosy ambiance with great service

Moving to the food, Chef Sam who is the pioneer in this industry brings us with loads of unique delicious items that you are dying for.


上海口水鸡 ( 小 ) 18.00
Shanghai Style Chicken (S) (RM 18) 

Enjoy the lovely steamed chicken which is being topped with the chilly oil, chicken floss, sesame and peppercorn in it. The chicken comes smooth and tender and after adding on with the chili oil and peppercorn, it brings you with the spicy sensation but not till lips burning sensation. Love the fragrance of the peppercorn itself!


港式清蒸八丁鱼 (RM 98)
Steamed Patin Fish

Nothing beats the fresh steamed fish. Using the Patin fish, the fish is well steamed till perfection. A normal steam fish without any sauce but it brings you with the flaky meat and sweet taste to the sauce and fish. This shows how fresh is the fish !

金香奶油螃蟹 ( 本地 ) (RM 116) 
Kam Heong Butter Crab (RM 116) 

The delicious creamy sauce where the butter crab taste is simply awesome. Combination of butter and kam heong together; it give a hint of light spiciness but the fragrance from the curry leaf is there. Chef Sam had make a twist with the sauce and add some crispy bites with the dried prawns in it, giving a boost of flavours in the dish. Crabs comes simply good, fresh and delicious. Love them!


招牌芋头扣肉 (RM 25)
Braised Pork with Taro(RM 25)

For those who love to get some delicious braised items, try this! Their braised pork with taro is good one too. Full of collagen pork with the taro layered in between. Have them together and you can taste the creaminess of the both taro and the pork-licious layered of pork. Yummz!

奇味煲(RM 128)
Unique Flavorful Pot (RM 128)

Enjoy the wholesome pot of goodies in one pot. Using the pork bone and boiled for more than 5 hours, the broth comes simply sweet and flavorful. It is then topped with the seafood jewels such as squids, mussels, scallops and crab in it. Making the pot of soup comes even sweeter and flavorful. I am just loving this where the fragrance of the soup is simply awesome together with the fresh ingridients in it. You can have them customized with the types of crabs you want either a large one at RM 68, or a smaller crab at RM 86.

招牌极品生虾(RM 168)
Fresh Big Head Prawns (RM 168)

Enjoy the lovely big head prawn where it is cooked with chef signature sauce. Using the big head fresh prawns, it is being fry for a while to get the crispiness and then stir fried with their signature sauce. The prawns are amazingly fresh with the hint of light lemongrass tase in it which makes it even appetizing. The


Stir Fried Dragon Vegetables (RM 15)

Overall, the dishes here are reasonable price and they served quality delicious meal. I am totally indulge for their fresh crabs. And we will go back for more !

Address: No.1, JALAN 3/33A, 52100 Kepong, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Phone : 014-220 5499
Opening Hours
11:00 am – 2:30 pm
5:30 pm – 10:30 pm
GPS Location: 3.2119465,101.6432449


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