RM 1 Kenny Rogers at Sweet Spot with Visa Checkout

Have you heard of Visa Checkout? Since I am a Visa card user, I am really a happy girl as they have loads of benefits. I remember since I started using Visa ten years ago, it always has great benefits such as getting freebies while travelling, rebates when you use your card overseas, and more. And they always have new innovative solutions such as Visa payWave and most recently, Visa Checkout.
Visa Checkout is a new solution from Visa that improves the online payment experience for consumers. Visa Checkout is specifically designed for shoppers who prefer to use their Visa cards online, want to enjoy rewards programmes tied to their Visa account, as well as real-time fraud monitoring. That’s what I am looking at since online fraud is pretty common.
For a shopaholic like me, there are more things that I like about Visa Checkout. I buy nearly everything – from groceries, house hold appliances, food to air tickets and more on my mobile phone and it is a hassle to key in so many details on mobile especially when we are on the go. Visa Checkout requires only a username and password to pay. This offers an experience which does not require shoppers to leave the merchants’ websites to complete a purchase. It also reduces the number of payment screens to just two, eliminating the need to re-enter shipping and billing addresses across merchant websites.
Creating an account is simple and easy – just a few steps and you’re done.

1. Log in to www.visacheckout.com.my and key in the relevant information such as your name, mobile, and create your desired password. Choose the country you are staying.

  1. Add your card information such as your card number and expiry date as well as your security code.
  1. Key in your address and click ‘Update’ and you’re done!
  1. And now is time for shopping! You can click on ‘See All Stores’ to view the available deals. You can grab some deals from travel, entertainment, food and drink categories and more.


Recently, I made a purchase via  Sweet Spot on my phone using VisaCheckout and it is really easy.

Currently, they have a great deal – RM 1 for a quarter chicken at Kenny Rogers Roasters. It is simple to buy this deal. Find the deal on SweetSpot app on your mobile and click on ‘Buy it’.


To use Visa Checkout to pay, just swipe the Visa Checkout button.

Key in your email address and password that you have registered earlier.

This screen will pop up and provide you with the information of your credit cards. Click on the ‘pay’ button and it will proceed to the next page.

A message will be sent to your phone with the pin number for security purposes. Enter the pin number and click ‘Proceed’. Be patient and once you are done, you would have completed the deal and it is now in your ‘Wallet’ on your SweetSpot app. Just flash the voucher at participating Kenny Rogers Roasters outlets and enjoy your RM1 meal!

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