Simple Fried Egg with Prawns

Well, Little Grace love to enjoy eggs and we always have too much ideas to play on eggs. She just love egg in any forms, either cooked, or even half cooked, boiled or what so ever.

This round since I have the little prawns from Nikudo, I am using them to make fried egg with prawns and onions

1. 2 eggs
2. 15 pcs – 20 pcs of small prawn (from Nikudo)
3. Onions, Cut
4. 1 teaspoon of Light Soy Sauce
5. 1 table spoon of oil

1. Crack the egg and add in Light Soy Sauce and stir them.
2.  Add in the oil
3. Add in the  prawns and Onions, till 70% cooked
4. Pour the egg into it
5. Fried till the oil dried off.
6. Served and eat

Food OOTD: Plate are bought in Daiso

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