Moon Palace ( Cheras) Restaurant which opened their business back in June 2014 is indeed a great place for a decent dim sum and also Chinese stir fried dishes. The new restaurant is indeed one of the favourite spots among the Cheras folks for family dining where they brings you with the tantalising dim sum and ala-carte menu.

They also brings you with a wide choices of traditional Chinese Cuisine with the fresh ingredients as well as spacious seating capacity that accommodate up to 1000 guest. With the privilege of having a huge comfortable sitting place, it is indeed a great venue for wedding receptions, birthday party, corporate events and even company dinners to name a few.

And this round, we are here for dim sum. Dim Sum here is indeed unique where they bring you with the combination of traditional and contemporary dim sum. And this round, we are indeed served with the delicious tantalising dim sum from 60 dim sum from their menu.

Steamed Superior Fish Maw & Dried Seafood Rolled With Bamboo Pith (RM 13.57)
Being one of the signature item in their menu, one must not miss this delicious item. Using a premium ingredient includes the fish maw, fish paste, sea cucumber and bamboo pith, you are assured with the flavourful and yet mouth-watering dim sum that brings you with the perfect taste and texture. The broth that is  together with the dim sum is amazingly good comes simply sweet.


Steamed Spinach Rice Roll Filled With Shrimp (RM 7.20)
With the spinach rice roll, it is being well steamed together and wrapped around with the pluppy prawns. It brings you with an impressive taste and every bites is filled with the pluppy shrimps which is sweet. As for the presentation, it is indeed unique.

Steamed Charcoal Salted Egg Lava Bun (RM 6.89 (2 pcs))  
Instead of those normal custard bun, Moon Palace comes up with their own version of salted egg lava. I love the creaminess and the ooziness of the sweet salted egg lava. The skin is not too thick with the right amount of salted egg lava. Even, it is left for photography for quite sometime, the lava is still there and just right for Instagram worthy.

 Golden Crispy Apple Salad Prawn RM 9.33 (3 pcs)

Asides from the signatures, they have certain items which is available during Sunday and Holidays, such as the Crispy BBQ Pork Bun

Crispy BBQ Pork Buns (RM 7.21 (3 pcs))

The sweet bun comes simply light and crispy at the crust with the generous filling of the  sweet and salty lean pork. The taste is just awesome making it a favourite.

Aside from the crispy dim sum; they do have a wide range of steam dim sum as well. Feast till the fullest with the delicious dumpling selection from the pretty creative dim sum till the traditional dim sum selection.

Steamed “Golden Fish” Prawn Dumplings (RM 7.42)
This dish is simply impressive. With the presentation, we are indeed impress with the decoration of the prawn dumpling. The Steamed “Golden Fish” Prawn Dumplings comes amazingly lovely and cute.  Nicely done with the pluppy prawns in it.

Steamed Pork Dumplings With Fish Roe (RM 6.89)
Enjoy the lovely Steamed Pork Happy Dumplings with Fish Roe comes simply good where you can enjoy the juicy kick of minced pork and prawns topped with fish roe wrapped in wonton skins. The dish is simple and yet so tasty where it is well served with those bouncy prawns and fish roe.

Signature Steamed Sesame Lotus Buns (RM 6.89)
It is good where the lotus is not too cloying and yet the buns remains fluffy.

 Steamed Chicken Feet With Eggplant & Black Pepper (RM 6.15)
They have also good selection of steamed pork ribs, steamed chicken feet and more which are also some of the crowds’ favorites.

Stir-Fried Radish Cake With Homemade XO Sauce (RM 8.48)
We are actually pretty impress with the radish cake where it is well stir- fried till perfection and full of wok-hei. The chunky cubes of the radish cake together with the preserved vegetables, egg, bean sprout and also enhanced with the special XO Sauce makes it a even better.

Deep Fried Avocado With Custard (RM 7.95) 
Enjoy the deep fried Avocado with Custard where it brings you with the delicate and light taste. It brings you with the ice taste of avocados where it brings you a soft, tender and yet with light sweetness in it. Nice!

Vietnamese Pan Fried Shrimp Roll With Mango (RM 7.95)
Love some shrimp roll, enjoy the Vietnamese Style of Pan Fried Shrimp Roll that is together with the  mango in it. It brings you a crispy bites with the sweet mango in it.

Yam Buns (RM 6.89 (3 pcs))

Deep Fried Sweet Potato Roll(RM 6.89)

Not just that, you can also filled your tummy with those delicious yam bun , or even sweet potato roll which is indeed something worth to try in their outlet.

Roasted Pork / BBQ Pork (RM 26.50 (S) RM 42.40 (M) RM 63.60 (L))

Cracky juicy roasted pork is indeed something worth to come for. I love the moist and juicy meat while the skin remains crunchy as usual. Indeed addictive.

Homemade Cotton Cake (RM 6.15)
Enjoy the delicious cotton cake. I am truly indulge with it and I wish I can have more. A simple dish but yet brings you with light cotton delights that is complete with the fluffy texture, soft and mildly sweet. Accompany with the dry shredded coconuts together with it The taste is simply impressive and I will be coming back for more.

Overall, Chef Loong did not fail impressed us with the great selection of dim sum here. The dim sum is indeed bringing you with the quality and vast variety of food. Reasonable priced starting from RM6 onwards, it is indeed worth for the money you payed.

MOON PALACE (Cheras) Restaurant
Cheras Sentral
Unit No. 700-3F-1, 2, 3 & 7
Level 3 Cheras Sentral Shopping Mall
Jalan Cheras,
56000 Kuala Lumpur
03- 9102 2818/ 2819 & 9107 0292

Dim Sum (Breakfast & Lunch)
Mon-Sat 11am-4:45pm(last call)
Sun & Public Holiday 09:30am-4:45pm(last call)

Business Hours:
Monday – Saturday 11am -22:30pm
Sun & Public Holiday 9:30am – 22:30pm

GPS COORDINATES: 3.0787072 101.74437


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    Wow…This is like a dim sum fine-dining!! All the dim sums are so welly-presented and finely-made. The pau with salted-egg lava is my favourite, gonna check it out this weekend!

    p/s: i had liked ur fb and follow you at google+, IG and twitter. Will appreaciate if you can do me a favour as well. Tq in advance ^^

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    OMG! The Steamed Charcoal Salted Egg Lava Bun is really mouth watering!! And i’m gonna head there just for the bunsss! 😀

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    The steamed charcoal salted egg lava bun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am a fan of salted egg, the price is super affordable!! I can’t find a reason to say no from visit this restaurant >.<

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