Ming Yue Confectionery @ Ipoh: The Kaya Puff Heaven

Located just opposite Restaurant Tuck Kee, Ming Yue Confectionery is indeed one of the famous biscuit shop i town. The shop which have more than just pastries, they are also famed for their Chinese peanut candy as well as Kaya Kok.

They sell kaya puffs, salted egg pastries (ham dan sou), biscuits and freshly baked peanut biscuits. Peanut biscuits are the most famous item here. Everyday, there will be a long queue of people waiting to buy the peanut biscuits.

The Peanut Candy here comes with the well balance sweetness level with the lightly salty aftertaste. The ingredients was simply minimal of sweetness with the little salted caramel in it. It is simply fresh and the roasted peanut are simply crispy with the lovely sesame seeds it. Love the smoky, aromatic roasted peanuts.

The Kaya Kok is indeed one of my favourite. The kaya kok comes with the creamy sticky bites with the fragrant caramelised caramel taste. The taste is awesomely good and I am just loving every mouthful of  it. Although they are quite mini in size, the kaya puffs are definitely packed with splendid kaya flavour! Furthermore, the layers are flaky and crispy – a perfect crumbly bite.

50, Jalan Peh Kee Koh
Taman Kampar,
30250 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia
Tel: +605-255 4128, +6012-463 1862, +6017-5533665
GPS Location: 4.5825041,101.0870871


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