Ivy’s Nyonya Cuisine @ Chow Thye Road

Recommended by my dad, we visited Ivy’s Nyonya Cuisine which is tucked away in a pre-war converted house located at Chow Thye Road (Off Jalan Burma). Here we are that Ivy’s Nyonya cuisine. The restaurant brings you with the simple decoration with not much tables inside. The pork free, home cooked dishes is what you you can get here.

Fish in Gulai Tumis Assam (RM 8 / 100g)
Enjoy their catch of the day where we had the baby stingray fish which is cooked with the chopped tomatoes and ladies fingers. It is cooked with the gulai tumis assam where it brings you with the sweet and spicy taste.

Joo hoo Char (RM25/40/55)
A must to go here is of course the joo hoo char which is traditional Nyonya mixed vegetables served with fresh lettuce. This is where wrapped the ingridient in lettuce and the sambal in it. The dish is simply good and the joo hoo char comes pretty soft. Nicely done!

Hoo Peow Thng ( Fish Maw soup) (RM25/45/65)
This clear and light soup where this fish maw soup brings you with the homey taste. Not just loads of ingredients, but the fish maw soup is also brings you with the flavourful taste.

Chicken Rendang(RM25/40/55)
The chicken rendang has the right rempah – rich, thick, spicy and coconut-y enough. The taste is simply good and the chicken comes simply tender and moist. Lovely dish.

Assam Prawn
Assam Prawn is also one of the signature there. Well marinated till perfection, the prawns remains pluppy and good. Well marinated

Loh Bak (RM 12/ 24/36)
We ended with the loh bak which I think it is just normal. Nothing to shout about.

Ivy’s Nyonya Cuisine
Address: 58, Jalan Chow Thye, George Town
Tel: +6016 433 7130
Tel : 013 4337878 (Mr. Tan) & 016 4337130 (Ms. Ivy)
Business Hours: 9am – 9pm (except Saturday) & 6pm – 9pm (Saturday)
GPS Coordinates : 5.4246079,100.3204198

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