Innergie: Stylish Smart Charger for Travellers!

Well, they is always a case we need loads of powerbank and charger whenever we travel. I still remember we brought our extension plugs to hotels and making sure that we can charge each of our items such as phones and ipads, mi –pads and even our ipods.

We had them once and we felt simply inconvenient where we need to bring a bulky one to do our charging of our daily products. And later we found a cheaper charger but it does not able to perform well where it died off in less than 3 months and we buy them at around RM 50 plus.

Say no more to all this hassle and now we have Life Hub Plus where give us simply convenient to use. We will of course give you 5 good reasons why you should oown the Life Hub Plus ?

1. Simple and Elegant
I love the Simple design of the Life Hub.  The design is pretty simple and yet beautiful. Just three plugs which is at each corner which make it easier to use and also avoiding from the charging wayer to tangle which each other.

2. Fast Charging Speed
It is very important that we always need a fast charging speed where each port brings you wih the 2.4A of output. As we know many of us needs a fast charging speed as we are always in rush either in work or even when the battery goes low and we are in hurry. I love it so much as I only take less than an hour to have my battery fully charge.

3. Easy to carry around
I always need something to be easy to carry around especially charger. Either for travel or even for work. Everyone of us does not want to get an extension wayer just to charge our gadgets like phones, pads, and more. And this is really weight consuming if you are travelling and wasting your bags space. With Life Hub Plus, it can just kept in my backpack or handbag without any issues.

4. Power Adjustable 
One of the important thing in the power. Accidents do happen when a phone overcharge with the high voltage. Even though is not accident, too low voltage  or too strong voltage actually impacted your phone lifetime. So, with the auto power adjustable, you are assured that your phone or gadgets is charge at the right power and it will actually pro-longed your gadget battery life

5. Comes with 3 years limited warranty
Everyone of us does not want that our charger will end their life in less than a year or two. No worries, the Life Hub Plus comes with 3 years warranty and with this you are assured that they provides you with a good quality product.

The PowerGear ICE 65
The PowerGear ICE 65
The PowerGear ICE 65

Not just that, you can get upgraded with Innergie where they comes with the add on where you have The PowerGear ICE 65 which is the universal laptop charge which comes with the interchangeable plugs that can tap into the electrical power grid of over 150 countries. It is simply an ideal for the wold traveller which requires a maximum mobility. Additionally, the Wizard Tip which you can be attached onto the PowerGear ICE65, creates an instant USB port to charge your mobile device.


To celebrate the exciting launch of these three products for Malaysia Market, Innergie is offering the trio together as a special “Treaveler’s Power Pack”, with limited quantities where buyers can purchase the PowerGear ICE65 (single UK plug) with WizardTip and LifeHub Plus at 20% discount for RM 324.60 (UP RM 407.00) Or Purchase the PowerGear ICE 65 (single UK Plug) and get a WizardTip wirth RM 39) fpr only RM 209.00. The “Traveler’s Power Pack” is available on Lazada ( and all participating retailer’s outlet such as All IT Hypermark, Harvey Norman, Digital Match , HardNet Technology, ThunderMatch and more.

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