Home Cook Pork Knuckle with Oyster

One of the famous dish from Penang, mum usually prepared this during Chinese New Year. This is one of the grand –mother’s recipes which is inherited by the family

1. 1 whole pig leg
2. 250 grams of Dried Oyster (if you love more you can have them more)
3.1 packet (50g) Black Moss (Fatt Choy)
4. Pinch of black pepper
5. Light Soy Sauce
5. Dark Soy Sauce

1. Soak the packet of Black Moss for at least 5-6 hours and rinsed them properly
2. Soaked the dried oysters in warm water for around 30 -40 minutes
3. Clean the pig trotters ( I prefer using pig leg as it is less oily and the meat is more firm). You can clean them with coase salt, remove the fur if you see them.
4. Boiled  the water till it is fully cooked and then put the pig trotters with hot water for one time as you will remove all the pig smell from it. Take it out.
5. Put the pig trotters and the dried oyster in to the cook in light and black soya sauce until it is tender.
6. Add ½ teaspoon of sugar and a pinch of salt and taste if it is good to your tasting
7. Add in the seaweed when it is about to served and cook a while.
8. Served them when it is hot



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