With the support of the four cities from Japan that includes Okayama, Hiroshima, Matsuyama and Takamatsu, AEON CO. (M) BHD. joins hand to host the Setouchi Fair at AEON Bandar Utama, AEON Tebrau City and AEON Queens Bay between 21st till 27th July 2016.

Among the distinguished guests of honour that are present to officiate the Setouchi Fair launch are Mr. Masao Omori, Mayor of Okayama, Mr. Kazumi Matsui Mayor of Hiroshima, Mr. Akio Nishiizumi Deputy Mayor of Matsuyama, Mr. Yusuke Matsushita Deputy Mayor of Takamatsu, Mr. Masaaki Okazawa General Manager AEON RETAIL Co.,Ltd. and Mr. Hiroyuki Kotera Senior General Manager Retail Business AEON CO. (M) BHD.

“The demand towards Japanese food in Malaysia has been rising in the past few years. Among many products, Japanese fruit is especially highly valued for its sweetness and quality. For this fair, there are over 120 products from the Setouchi area, including peaches from Okayama, frozen oysters from Hiroshima, sanuki-udon noodles from Takamatsu and crushed jelly containing fruits from
Matsuyama. We host this fair as part of a comprehensive partnership and AEON will aim to continuously import the products” said Mr. Hiroyuki Kotera. There will be booths to promote tourism to Japan, especially focusing on attractive sites in the Setouchi area. The major attractions in Setouchi, includes large area of which is designated as a national park, the calm inland sea and the beautiful islands such as the a-bomb dome in Hiroshima (World Heritage) and Okayama Korakuen garden. Setouchi is also well known for its historical buildings and as a central location for art.

For a minimum purchase of RM10, children will get a free chance to experience “Superball Sukui” a traditional game enjoyed by children during the festival and Okonomiyaki recipe for health conscious for those who have flour allergies.

The four cities will be featuring their specialties at the fair:
 Okayama – Hakuto (peaches) and Kibidango (dumplings)
 Hiroshima – cooking demonstration on the Okonomiyaki and Frozen Osyters
 Matsuyama – Crushed jelly with Beni-madonna oranges and Cooking demonstration for Jakoten fish cake
 Takamatsu – Cooking demonstration for their knife cut sanuki udon noodles and Inaka miso

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