With the big hit of TRANSFORMERS, Grace being a little girl who is at 4 years old does join the craze. We brought her to 1 Utama to see the TRANSFORMERS event in 1 Utama and she crazily loves it. Who said that TRANSFORMERS is only for boys? She had an enjoyable time with us when we brought home a TRANSFORMERS toy.

This round we have the TRANSFORMERS Generations Combiner Wars Series Pack: Superion where it is the Autobot’s greatest weapon and greatest hope. This special edition box set will include all Aerialbots where you can find Silverbolt, Air Raid, Fireflight (Firefly), Skydive, Slingshot (Quickslinger) and the Powerglide.

The toy comes with 6 planes where you can play with them separately or you can combine them together and transform it into a huge TRANSFORMERS Combiner figure. It comes with the instruction module where we can learn and understand step by step how to build each of it and how to make all of them combined into 1 huge TRANSFORMERS Combiner figure. Though it was a little confusing at first as the instruction is in black and white; we actually help each other to find out which is the one we need to start off and how to do it step by step.

Though my little girl might not know how to fix and assemble but she had much fun learning from daddy how to get it done.  She patiently sat down and listened when daddy was guiding her on how to assemble the TRANSFORMERS properly.

We found loads of fun in family with TRANSFORMERS. During the whole playing time, Grace learnt to be patient in understanding what dad taught her to build the TRANSFORMERS.  And we can see, she brought out her imagination minds of doing the whole TRANSFORMERS, and discussed and think which parts each of it belongs.

And after building the six TRANSFORMERS figures; Grace had fun transforming them back and forth. She also tried to turn them to other things based on her imagination.

This is what we got after spending 2 hours of precious time with Grace building; we have completed the 6 small TRANSFORMERS. They are well displayed by Grace one by one for photography too. After building this, we have some fun imaginative time playing “fighting” game where each of them fights within each other and we will see who will win. With this she can play with them separately or re-create again to a combined version of the TRANSFORMERS Superion.

Though it is a toy but we can have more family bonding and handling problem solving with our kids. Thanks to Hasbro Toy Malaysia for the toy.

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