It was Grace birthday and we are always packed with work and totally have no time to prepare anything for her. From her birthday gift to birthday cake and pressies. I have only few more days to go and I have not sorted most of the things yet.

I was googling on places to go for children and last minute there are so much places can’t accommodate for parties and they are fully booked. And I found this web : and they bring me with a smile after that. I just need less than 15 minutes to find everything and some clicks and I completed my job and now can focus on my work

FeedMyGuest is actually a web portal that contains a list of restaurant and the food they cater . It should be around Malaysia but temporary they only have them in Klang Valley. From  choosing the venue you need till the food you need. All in just few clicks.

They will be a good list of caterer in FeedMyGuest where you can find the highest ranking caterer and also types of food you want.

Start them from the catering brands you like and also the food menu list you want. They are a variety of combination of menu you can go after.

After choosing them, just key in the particulars accordingly and you can get all done in just few minutes.

You will get a notification email and get set and wait for your party to start. And I would recommend for those who plan for a party either a full moon, birthday, company events or even wedding. It is so convenient where you do not need to go through the hassel to keep calling and wait for call pick ups. The details are all here and it is just a few clicks and here you go.


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