Are you a big fans of New Zealand Products. Now you can have a treat of New Zealand delights in Tesco. New Zealand Trade and Enterprise (NZTE) invites you to join this year’s ‘Taste New Zealand’ at Tesco, featuring the finest quality and premium options of fruits from the 26th of May to 8th June at 20 selected Tesco outlets.

Aside from indulging your appetite with only the best fresh produce and products from New Zealand, shoppers with a minimum of RM50 worth of New Zealand products in a single receipt stand a chance to win RM500 worth of Tesco vouchers in the Taste of NZ Lucky Draw contest.

“More Malaysians are becoming health conscious and mindful of what they consume, and the New Zealand products that will be featured at the Taste NZ fair are packed with health benefits, perfect for their nutritional requirement. New Zealand has been long known to have high quality agricultural products used in food production. Furthermore, our climate, soil and water provides for an optimum environment for the most tasteful produce,” said Matt Ritchie, New Zealand Trade Commissioner to Malaysia and Brunei.

Visitors can look forward to over 23 products at this unique food fair at selected Tesco outlets, such as Zespri® Kiwifruits, Tip Top ice cream, Kapiti Collection, a New Zealand brand producing gourmet cheese, ice cream, yoghurts and other dairy products for domestic use, Watties, an extensive product line of frozen and packaged vegetables, fruits, sauces, etc; Enza apple variants and Rockit apples.

The fair will be held at the following Tesco outlets, from the 26th of May to 8th June:

Pulau Pinang
Kota Bahru
Tg Pinang
Mutiara Damansara
Sg. Petani
Bukit Inda
Seri Alam
Desa Terbau
Seberang Jaya
Extra Penang
Sg. Petani Selatan
Extra Cheras
And whats i got for my bag? 
I am getting healthy this round with all the great delicious fresh fruits from New Zealand.


Zespri® Kiwifruit – Everyone enjoys a good Kiwi now and then. The Zespri® Kiwifruit is packed with Potassium, Fibre and Vitamin C to support day-to-day wellness. Regardless of your lifestyle and age, this furry green fruit will keep your health in check, from heart, to digestive health and antioxidant absorption. Who said small fruits can’t pack a punch? The fruit is simply delicious and complete with the zesty sweetness with it.


Enza™ Apples – An Enza™ apple a day keeps the doctor away! If you’re not already aware, New Zealand has a proud history for developing unique apple varieties that are rich in taste and crisp to the bite. The more commonly known varieties from Enza™ incude Royal Gala, Gala, Braeburn, Fuji, Granny Smith and various other selections. Regardless of the variety you choose, rest assure that each variant is of high quality and uniquely flavoursome! Love some apples, do try their awesome crunchy apples here.


Rockit Apples – The world’s first miniature apples are changing the way we snack and challenging the fruit market worldwide. This ‘one of a kind’ apples are prewashed and makes a perfect snack for children, busy adults and sportspeople. Aside from its petite size (1.5 x size of golf ball), the packaging is equally unique and stands out. The novel tube packaging promotes hygiene and is convenient for people to grab on the go, with options from 3 apples to 6 apples a pack.
Whether it’s for breakfast, lunch, dinner or a snack in between Zespri® Kiwifruit, Enza™ Apples and Rockit Apples will keep you satisfied and reaching for more.

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