This summer, award-winning Hoi King Heen proudly presents you a refreshing menu showcasing an array of health yet tempting Cantonese delicacies.

Executive Chinese Chef Leung Fai Hung creates a selection of refreshing dishes made of healthy seasonal fruits including watermelon, green mango, wax apple and lychee to revive your appetite this summer. A variety of fruits are combined perfectly with premium ingredients including abalone, scallops, ostrich, dry oysters and Duroc pork.

Refreshing Summer Specialties
·       Marinated watermelon with soy sauce

·       Crispy fried chicken and pear balls in a light sweet and sour pear sauce  

·       Wok-fried abalone, green apples and black fungus

·       Braised lychees with shrimp mousse in an abalone sauce      

·       Wok-fried shrimps with kiwi fruit and a prune-tomato sauce

·       Fried dry oysters and avocado on a sauce of avocado

·       Braised pear rings stuffed with fresh and dried scallops in a fruity sauce

·       Wok-fried Duroc pork with green mango and cashew nuts

·       Sautéed ostrich with pears and green chili in a peanut sauce

·       Braised chicken with wax apples and lotus seeds

Available from now until June 30, 2016.
For enquiries or reservations, please call Hoi King Heen at (852) 2731 2883.

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