TLC, Asia Pacific’s leading travel and lifestyle channel presents its first-ever local TLC programme, 2 Dudes & A Kitchen. Amidst wit and a handful of ‘macho’ moments, Aaron and Lee are two regular guys who share their formula to fast-track delicious meals. While cooking is their forte, both Aaron and Lee stir in tips, tricks and short cuts as they show viewers how to rustle up some quick-fix dishes in 10 steps or less. Be inspired by 2 Dudes & A Kitchen premiering on TLC on 23 of May, 9pm (Astro Channel 707).

Born and bred in Malaysia, Aaron Chen and Yang Lee Keong (or Lee as he is known) are two good friends who share a fascination and common passion for food. Aaron’s love for food first started when he was studying in Australia, and prepared meals armed with his mother’s best recipes. Lee, on the other hand, grew up in a family where food and family went hand in hand. He learnt from the women in his life – his grandmother and mother – whose love of cooking fueled his own.

2 Dudes & A Kitchen adopts a down-to-earth approach, with Aaron and Lee using tools and ingredients from Panasonic Cooking, IKEA, Kawan Food and Jaya Grocer, familiar everyday places which viewers would have easy access to. Their recipes also mirror real life situations, and they have something up their sleeves for every occasion. Ranging from a boys’ night out, cooking for a date night to a delicious post-workout meal, the recipes are designed to be simple, appetising yet impressive. All in all, both Aaron and Lee pack a good dose of fun into what others might deem to be a chore.

Discover how you too, can whip up a fun and delicious menu in 10 steps or less on 2 Dudes & A Kitchen premiering on TLC on 23 of May, 9pm (Astro Channel 707).

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