Have you plan to your buka puasa? Concorde kl brings you with the great spread of Ramadhan this year. Beginning June 6 till July 5, look
out for a lavish buffet dinner spread at Concorde’s Melting Pot Café. Myriad of tastes. One will be spoilt for choice! Executive Sous Chef Azlan Juri and his assistants – Chef Marubah Amran and Chef Rogayah Sharif will be sharing their recipes and presenting to diners.
Start of your meal with the ulam ulaman and also the spicy sambal.
They also have seafood on the ice for those who are looking for some fresh oysters and prawns . Served them with squeeze of lemon.
Those who love some sourish and appetizing salad they have the jelatah timun nanas, kerabu Ilan masin, kerabu kacang panjandrum, kerabu taugeh,
serunding ayam and more. Warm your tummy either in western style or Malay style with the preference of Bubur lambuk, or the cream of mushroom soup. Served together with variety of breads. Need some noodles, enjoy some noodles with the choice of mee Bandung and also my favorite Asam laksa.
If you love grilled stuff, don’t miss out their lovely spread of delicious seafood where choose your seafood and they grill for you
Don’t miss out the nasi tomato of course which definate to bring you back to mother’s cooking.


They have also the kambing masak Cik putih, sambal Tumis sotong, kacang panjang  Tumis udang kering, ayam lemak pucuk ubi and also their signature ayam goreng berempah and the sayur lemak ikan masing.
More to try includes the Tumis ouch ku manis dengan Kelsey, sambal kering Tempe ikan bills, and the rendang tok.


Don’t miss out the kambing panggang which is a must to eat. Another will be of course the steam black mussel with the creamy tarragon, and the kari ikan sempoi Penang.


You will never say no with the variety of assorted French  pastries , assorted cake and kuih and lastly the Bubur Pulut hitam.
Buffet dinner ‘Ala-Ala Kampung’ is priced at RM148.00 nett per person. A special 15% Discount will be given on June 6 – 12 and the last three days of Ramadhan, July 3 – 5. Buffet Sahur (every Friday & Saturday)
Buffet sahur starts from 11.00 pm till 5.00 am, offering local favourites like mee mamak, nasi lemak, Teochew porridge. Buffet supper is served every Friday and Saturday at RM80.00 nett per person.
Address: 2 Jalan Sultan Ismail, 50250 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel: +603 2144 2200
Operation hours
Sunday-Thursday & Public Holiday              6.00am-1.00am
Friday, Saturday & eve of Public Holiday      6.00am-3.00am
GPS Location: 3.1556193,101.7059843


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