Recently I had gotten a lovely blender that added to my home collection. I am just falling in love with the beautiful colors when I received them. They comes with black, red and white color but the striking red looks amazingly perfect and make a good match to my home. Now, buying kitchen appliances is not just buying a workable one but for me ; beautiful designs and functions play the role.

The new brand Ferrano comes to my selection recently. For those who are not familiar with the brand, here goes with the basic background of the brand itself

About Ferrano
Ferrano is a new brand created by one of the top consumer appliance manufacturers in Southeast Asia. In 2015 the company will produce millions of high-end products, bringing in substantial revenue. People worldwide in more than 60 countries across five continents use these products in their homes as part of their daily lifestyles.
Based in Singapore, Ferrano is truly international with key people from around the world, representing an array of cultures and inspirations. After a successful launch in perhaps the world’s toughest market, Japan, Ferrano is set to enter other countries with its blend of function, form and heritage.

They have a few stylo appliances from the BlendExpress, Kitchen Express and finally the double wall glassware. I am impressed with the Kitchen Blend and also their BlendExpress selection too.

The BlendExpress I have on my hand comes with the a blade cup, a 600ml bottle, a 400 ml bottle, 2 flip-cap lids, 2 insulating sleeves , 2 carrying rings, an owner’s manual, a recipe book as well as warranty card as well.

The BlendExpress work perfectly good especially with the powerful 350-Watt motor runs at 22,000 RPM where with this fast motoring system it is indeed bringing me a smooth texture of drinks especially for crush ice and more.  It can blend faster and less noisy too.

Aside, I love the stability of the product where it stay still when it is blending the drinks especially crushed ice. I had tried many blender but the stability is not there and I love this.

Not just that, comparable to many blenders I had, it is so easy to wash. I had my juices done in minutes and cleaning up blenders indeed bringing tough time. A lot of blenders need to soak in water and use loads of dish washer to clean them up. And Ferrano BlendExpress just so easy to clean where it takes me less than 5 minutes.

It is also very convenient where I can have the bottle just carried out at anytime and it is easy. It is perfectly good especially for my morning breakfast where I can cutted all my fruits and put them inside, and just blend. I then, I just had the cover up and zip them with the insulation bag. Easy and simple! And what I love; is easily put at my bicycle, my bags and all.

And we are sharing our juice treats as below

  1. Jackfruit Smoothies
  2. Ribena Lychee
  3. Pomegranate Orange Smoothies
  4. Serradura 
  5. PassionFruit Orange Popsicles

And now ; you can buy them in selected AEON stores or even online in Lazada.

More about the product, you can visit their website here


  1. Michelle says

    Hey, does it blend until it’s really fine? Because some blenders cant blend until very fine then the mouthfeel isn’t too good.

  2. says

    How much does it cost for the whole set? Between saw your juice recipe Pomegranate Orange Smoothies! I’m gonna try this!

  3. says

    My blender rosak for so long already and I don’t have time to look for a new one. Your post has reminded me that I do need one and this looks neat.

  4. Arisa Chow says

    Think i need this sent to me ASAP, as i am living ina place without a kitchen so i can’t cook and give my baby the nutrients it needs :( if i can fix a smoothie everyday that would be sufficient

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