The Woolmark Company today announced the Hong Kong launch of Cool Wool, a collection of fine and lightweight Merino wool fabrics suited to warmer seasons, sub-tropical climates and changing environments.

Cool Wool is the result of years of research conducted through The Woolmark Company, a not-for-profit enterprise owned by more than 24,000 woolgrowers that invests in research, development and marketing along the worldwide supply chain for Australian wool.

Cool Wool certified fabrics use Merino wool fibres which are more than three times finer than average human hair to create exceptionally fine and light fabrics with a maximum weight of just 190 gm/m2 and a maximum mean wool fibre diameter of 22.5 microns.

Due to its natural qualities including breathability, elasticity and efficient temperature regulation, Merino wool has historically been used across different seasons. It has the unique ability to keep the wearer warm in cold temperatures, and cool and fresh in warmer climates.

In addition, thanks to the efforts of Australian woolgrowers over the past decade, Merino wool has become incredibly soft and comfortable on the skin, and is considered a premium, luxurious and versatile fibre perfect for the Spring/Summer wardrobe.

Since its re-launch in China in 2015, Cool Wool has seen strong support from top-tier local fashion titles and personalities, further escalated by American designer Thom Browne’s Spring/Summer 2016 collection which features garments made with Cool Wool. Other influential fashion designers around the world have also introduced Cool Wool fabrics and knitwear into their spring/summer collections, including iconc fashion designer Paul Smith.

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