For those who are looking some unique sensation of waffles, do visit the KL First Cafe which specialists on both savory and sweet waffles as well as donuts too. Located in TTDI, the setting is simply beautiful and relaxing.

Not just serving waffles, they do serves a good variety of donuts too. We tried the 6 choices of the savoury donuts which includes the BBQ Beef Ribs, Fritata, Mac & Cheese and more.

BBQ Beef Ribs
The awesome BBQ beef ribs on the cute little donuts is just as good as it is. The all time American favorite with is slow roasted bbq beef ribs topped with their homemade BBQ sauce and garlic aioli over chia seeds donuts surprises us.

The light and fluffy double stack frittata is served with the saute spinach, capsicum, mushroom, cheddar and parmesan cheese in the shape of donuts. Simply unique.

Mac N Cheese
Indeed one of our favorites too. The take of the American Signature Mac & Cheese is moulded into a donut is simply good. Creamy base of delights!

A vegetarian style of donuts that is being raised with the spinach doughnuts with Portobello, ouser and mushroom, mozzarella cheese and home grain mustard with it.

Comes with the choice of corn tortilla and cheese doughnut with the grilled chicken, crusted corn tortilla, mozzarella cheese, chipotle sauce and garlic aioli. Every mouthful is indeed a good one with the bites of juicy chicken that accompany it.

Chicken Tikka
If you are looking for some spicy bites, you can choose to enjoy the chicken tikka which is one of the popular south Asian Dish with russet potato, jalapeno, and scallion doughnut topped with the fiercy mayo.

Besides from the savory doughnuts, they do have sweet doughnuts in their selection too.

As for the waffle variety, we are pampered with loads of waffle which comes amazingly unique.

Vegetarian Waffle
Eat clean here where you can enjoy the Spinach waffle with fried zucchini and carrots. Served with sauteed capsicum, eggplant, button mushroom, asparagus, black olives, cherry tomatoes, and zucchini over a roasted sesame sauce.

Mexican Fried Chicken
One of their signature here where the  Jalapeno and corn waffle over deep fried boneless chicken, honey glazed beef bacon, coriander, and grilled capsicum. Served with tomato salsa, mesclun salad and honey mustard sauce. I love this  as the fried boneless chicken comes simply juicy.

Pulled BBQ Ribs
This is another must order here. Comes  with onion, capsicum and mushroom waffle topped with pulled barbecue ribs sauteed with red and green bell peppers. Accompanied with greek salad.

Chequers Aglio-Olio
Spaghetti sauteed in prawn stock, tiger prawns, olive oil, garlic, chili flakes, spinach, and cherry tomatoes. The spaghetti is well cooked till al-dente leaving and served with the generous portion.

Cappuccino (RM 10)

Address: 153 Jalan Aminuddin Baki, Taman Tun Dr Ismail
Tel: +016 661 7622
Opening Hours:
10:00 – 23:00 Monday – Thursday;
10:00 – 24:00 Friday; 09:00 – 22:00
Saturday; 09:00 – 23:00 Sunday

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