You Mi Qi brings you more fun and laughter this year. This year, enjoy your Chinese New Year meal with the Shunde Style. We are there last year for their great Chinese New Year dishes and this year, you can enjoy their signatures as well as their great CNY choices here.
Prosperous Lou Sang ( Abalone & Salmon) 
The lou sang  in You Mi Qi comes simply special where the dish is awesomely good. In You Mi Qi, the yee sang here comes special with a different blend of taste where it is more to the Shunde style. With loads of ginger, sliced garlic in the yee sang, it comes simply special and brings the heavy flavours of garlic in it. A healthy yee sang to go for.

Fried Noodle Fish with Salt & Pepper (椒盐白饭鱼)
Fried Noodle Fish with Salt & Pepper (椒盐白饭鱼) comes crispy and appetizing. It is simply goes well with beer and every mouthful of it comes pretty addicted. It is one of our favorite of the night.

Stewed Wok Ocean Grouper, Prawn , Sea Cucumber, roasted Pork and Fu Chuk 
The heaty pot of awesome goodness comes with the fish in it and every mouthful of the soup comes creamy. For seafood lover, this is one of the item not to be missed in YouMiQi. When all mix together, dig for your favorites but the sweetness of the soup is something worth to go for. Taste the sweetness and creamy soup and one bowl is never enough!
Stir Fried  Broccoli with Abalone Slices
Stir fried till perfection, the broccoli comes awesomely good and I love the chewy bites of the abalone slices. Nicely done. 
Mix Fruit with Scallop
The lovely dish which is like a dessert and also appetizer is awesomely good. I love the creamy yet appetizing sauce which is well goes with it. 
The roasted Standing Ovulation(顺德栋企)
One of its signature is of course the Roasted Standing Ovation Chicken.Standing gracefully straight with the supporting by the metal stick. The chicken comes awesomely good with the crispy skin with it as well as the moist and juicy chicken meat. Firstly they cut the wings and drumstick, get the munch and you will feel the juiciness of the meat itself. As for the chicken breast meat, it is being dipped inside the chicken fats and every mouthful of the meat comes divinely good.

The Golden Nestum Bun( 金丝燕麦包) 
The Golden Nestum Bun( 金丝燕麦包) is so awesomely good. The fluffy bun with the creamy golden nestum malt in it. I love the milky sensation in it and every mouthful is awesomely good and delicious. It is such a good one to enjoy. Loving it.
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