Buying Seafood comes easier now. I hate going markets and take the risk of whether I can have my seafood not. It is not really fun going to market early in the morning, and finding for parking space and ended up I cant get my crabs, big prawns and more.
Now with MySeafood Mart; I just need to go online and have all my seafood purchase with just a click.
ABOUT MYSEAFOOD is the first & only full fledged Online Seafood Store that sells fresh seafood online & provides delivery to most parts of Klang Valley. They have well over 20 years of experience in the fishing industry & they are a supplier of seafood to fish sellers & restaurants all over Klang Valley. Now, they had opened an online store to cater to households in Klang Valley directly.
MySeafoodMart takes pride in providing the freshest seafood from Pulau Ketam. And therefore they are able to provide a 100% Money Back Freshness Guarantee.
At the time of delivery if you feel that the seafood you receive is not fresh, they will provide you the FULL REFUND for the returned item; provided the returned item is not fresh
I have my seafood order there and overall the experience was a great one. The delivery person is punctual on the delivery which had give a double thumbs up and they had call me to inform me that they are delivering the order according to my preferred timing.
There are choices of fish where they comes with the choices of Dragon Tiger Grouper (龙虎班), Chinese Pomfret (上斗鲳), Seabass, red snapper and more. The fish are reasonably priced and well packed. Asides, they do have prawns, squid and more too.
The items are freshly packed and all items are good in quality. As we had quite a number of seafood; we freeze them up and it last us more than a week plus but the quality is still there and I have no regrets of having them.
Overall, MySeafoodMart brings me ease in my seafood ordering where i can enjoy quality seafood without me going to market. And what good is the seafood is well clean and what i do is just store them in the freezer without doing any cleaning like what i buy in the market.
Since CNY is coming soon, one can buy their seafood here
Checkout their website at to have your seafood purchased

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