It is a special much treasured time when everyone gather around the table for reunion dinners. And the time has come where wonderful home dishes are abundant. Concorde’s Xin Cuisine Chinese Restaurant has lined up a host of Chinese New Year specialities and an exciting acrobatic lion dance show! Beginning January 8 – February 22, 2016, guests are invited to savour Xin’s popular selections.

Let’s Loh Sang
A must-have during the celebration, yee sang is also known as raw fish salad. Traditional yee sang remains a favourite, so do not miss to enjoy our selections. Myriad of coloured vegetables which are cut into small stripes like white radish, carrot are topped with abalone, jelly fish, duck meat, snow pear and condiments like pomelo, shredded ginger, snowpear, peanuts and sesame seed and plum sauce.

Price for yee sang ranges from RM79.00 nett – RM265.00 nett (regular/large) portions.

More delightful offerings can be enjoyed. Available a la carte, savour specials like golden pouch with bountiful abalone, crispy charcoal-grilled suckling pig with glutinous rice and bountiful fortune pot.

Prosperity Menus
Prosper your way to the new year with Xin’s selection of dishes. There are two festive menus offered. Amongst dishes served include dried seafood soup, steamed salted farm chicken, steamed cod fish with garlic oil, stewed abalone with fish maw and seasonal vegetable, crispy prawn with seven spice, stewed South African whole abalone with fish maw, steamed fresh loong fu garoupa with superior soya sauce including other choices. Two prosperity menus served for lunch and dinner, each set featuring home-cooked dishes. Choose either to have RM1,618.00 nett or RM1,968.00 nett menus.

Assorted Waxed Meat
A traditional favourite and one can’t get enough of this specialty. For lunch and dinner, order one or two types of dishes. Choose to have waxed meat rice in claypot, wok-fried rice with two varieties of Chinese sausage or braised chicken with three varieties of Chinese sausages. Price ranges from RM40.00 nett – RM114.00 nett per order (small/regular/large).

Sweetness of Nian Gao
It is also known as kuih bakul. A favourite of many…. Three variations of nian gao to enjoy at Xin Cuisine – sweet potato nian gao with macadamia nuts, waxed meat nian gao with chicken floss, peanut nian gao with pistachio.

For reservations at Xin Cuisine, please call 21448750.

Note : Xin Cuisine is closed on the first day of Chinese New Year and will reopen for breakfast on the second day of Chinese New Year. Special Highlight! Watch acrobatic lion dance performances on February 9, 2016 (11.00 am /Hotel Lobby).

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