It is always bored eating the same thing over and over again in the office. Now with Shogun, I can have my meals delivered over to me at anytime of the day with affordable price.


With Shogun2u; I am happily say I never missed my meals or getting a better food for my lunch and dinner wihout burning my pockets. Shogun2U brings you with an affordable chef-prepared meals to your doorstep by ordering meals online, make easier for people who has a busy work schedules, and yet an adventurous palates but with only a household budgets. It’s an online food platform where you can pre booked your meals and indulge in delectable good quality chef-prepared meals at home or office.

You can find a variety of food from their website from the Japanese Delights, to Chinese, Korean and more. It comes with so much variety where one would not get bored with the food selection there. This time I had made my order via Shogun2u easily and they had delivered to me ontime and call me up to pick up my food. Serving portions were generous and of good-size, food was still warm and best of all, delivery was super fast and efficient. From the time I confirmed order at 10:15am, and requested delivery by 12.30 pm, the delivery boy arrived at my doorsteps at 12:25pm. Thumbs to #SHOGUN2U. Punctual 
The food comes warm and well prepared in great portions, and everything comes simply fresh and good. The salmon which I had order is indeed a huge portion and freshly delivered. We had our set meals that comes with a drinks and a cake. Overall the set is as nice as it should be and I am being a happy girl enjoying the lovely food in the office.

Thumbs up for ‘Great Food, Xpress Delivery’ Right At Your Door Steps with Shogun2U. Now I can have great meal at Shogun with the delicious choices of food and of course the quality is there. If you are looking for a decent meal from your home or even office, do have your meal book via


  1. Doris Fong says

    Agreed. With the promo code and buy 1 free 1 weekly meals really helped alot.
    Thanks Shogun2U for the new innovation concept. Keep up the good works. Since you will be expending to more towns and even states, please ensure the quality n quantity of food maintain. The efficiency of the kitchen helpers and riders to be maintain in good team works.

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