Duck King is one of the place not to be missed for local cuisine and now the restaurant brings you with their high value set lunch and dinner. With 30 choices of dishes to choose from, one can enjoy their brand new dishes with 4 choices of dish at RM 118++.The restaurant is also being recognized by Master of Eateries from Hong Kong “Choy Lan”

Located just around Starbucks in Jaya One, it is easily spotted and they accommodate 2 floors where in upstairs they have VIP room where it caters for those who need some privacy.
Beijing Roast Duck (RM 66.80)
One of the signatures, the Beijing Roast Duck is something not to be missed in Duck King. The skin is thinly cut and served with the popiah skin. Juicy delights with the crispy skin. Lovely!As for the meat, enjoy them as it is. Well roasted till perfection leaving u with the moist and juicy sensation. Awesomely good.

Duck King offers a variety of 30 new dishes and complete them in a set where one can enjoy 4 dishes with a hearty bowl of soup at RM 118++; 5 dishes with a bowl of soup at RM 168++ and lastly 5 dishes with a hearty soup at RM 218++

Steamed BeanCurd with Fish Paste
The hearty plate of tofu comes with the fish paste with it is simply good. Brings you with the soft texture of meat and every mouthful is indeed delicious. The combination of bean curd, egg white and the fish paste is indeed make a perfect match to the dish itself

Deep Fried Prawn with Mayonnaise
The pulpy prawn being deep fried till perfection and topped with the appetizing mayonnaise sauce on top. The prawn comes awesomely good with the crunchy bites once munch and the inside remains it juiciness.

Thai Style Chicken
The chicken is being deep fried till perfection and topped with the sweet, sourish and spicy sauce on top. I love the crispy bites of the breaded chicken and inside remains tender and juicy. Awesomely good.

Deep Fried Pork Ribs with Preserved Beancurd
The pork ribs are being marinated and deep fried together with the preserved beancurd. Every mouthful indeed a good one where it complete with the aromas from the preserved bean curd itself
Stewed Village Chicken with Chinese Wine
Bringing you with the bowl of hearty soup base, the stewed village chicken is cooked for hours with the hint of Chinese wine in it. Nicely done and warm especially on rainy days.
Sliced Beef With Honey Beans
The beef is being sliced till perfection and cooked with the honey beans with it. Meat remains its tender and juicy texture. I love the juiciness of the meat and the marination comes pretty match too.

Stewed Tilapia – In – Szechuan Style
The Tilapia fish is being cooked in Szechuan Style comes with light spiciness in it. The fish comes fresh and good and I love the spiciness that they use to make it more appetizing.
Baby French Bean with Minced Pork
It is indeed a normal stir fried vegetables to end our meals.

Overall, Duck King is a great place for meals with colleagues, business partners or even family. The duck here is indeed a double thumbs up and the new menu is bringing a great value meal without burning your pockets. Here comes their extra value set lunch and dinner which is available on weekdays.
Duck King @ Jaya One
Address: 72, Jalan University, Seksyen 13, 46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
Phone:+60 3-7957 9819

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