Dragon Centre (Chinese: 西九龍中心) is a nine-storey shopping centre in the Sham Shui Po area of Kowloon, Hong Kong. Being one of the largest mall in West Kowloon, Dragon Centre brings you with a lot of excitement instead just normal shopping.
The 9th levels of retail activities with the total amount of 840,000 square feet of retail shops, food outlets, and entertainment facilities under one roof.
– Adidas Shop-
-Baleno Shop-
Shopping here is just fun where you can have loads of places to shop here from the big brands like AKB48, Baleno,  Bossini, City Chain and many more. Not just that, tenants here are  mainly deal in mid-range brands and lines, making this a popular place with local residents, particularly those seeking more accessible shopping than what is normally available in popular shopping districts around the city. Some of the things to enjoy here inclusive spending some time in Sky Fantasia, ice skating at the Sky Rink or even some nice shopping at their D3 Gallery on 7/F Apple Mall
Some of the great things to do in Dragon Centre is of course enjoying at the Sky Fantasia which is at the 9th floor of the mall. Bringing back the childhood memories, the place is not just for kids but it is a great and fun places to play together as well as family bonding.
There are a variety of machines to play such as the basket ball machines, doll picking machines, coin games machines and many more.
Play as you want and free up your stress here. The fun is all here and we almost back to our childhood when we are there. You can get your tokens at the Sky Fantasia at the below charges
HK$ 50: 35 tokens
HK$100 : 100 tokens
VIP Price will be at HK$200 for 205 tokens
Join your fun here at the Sky Fantasia. For more information, check them out at http://www.dragoncentre.com.hk/sf/Amenu.htm
With the 17,000 square feet ice ring, it is indeed one of the place to enjoy your time here. Located at Level 8 of the mall, the ice skating featured the real ice and it is one of the affordable place for some fun at the ice skate ring. With just around $55- $65 ; one can skate the whole day at the Sky Rink
To get to the Dragon Centre take exit C1 from the Sham Shui Po MTR. Well worth a visit if you are coming over for the markets or bead street.
For those who are looking for a great shopping with some arts and creativity, you may consider visiting their D3 Gallery at Level 7. D3 means Dream, Designer and Dragon Centre where it is  a place for art and design enthusiasts to pursue taste, uniqueness and creativity. It also provides a platform to the local young designers to work out.
You can shop for nice dresses, and many sweet little things here. They have great things to look for like dresses, caps, and more
For those who love baking , we spotted Baking Jane ( Shop 7027A) where you can find the creative baking utensils and ingredients including batter, baking equipment’s and more. Not just that, they have many lovely stalls and small shops to explore here.
There are more things to explore here and price wise is more affordable than the big brands malls in Kowloon or Central.
37K Yen Chow St, Sham Shui Po, Kowloon, Hong Kong
How to go there. 
Go to the Sham Shui Po MTR station and fet to the A2 exit.
By Other Transportation
2- So Uk ↔ Star Ferry
31B- Shek Lei ↔ Olympic Station
36A- Lei Muk Shue ↔ Sham Shui Po (Tonkin Street)
36B- Lei Muk Shue ↔ Jordan (To Wah Road)
43C- Cheung Hong ↔ Island Harbourview (Rush Time Service)
44- Tsing Yi Estate ↔ Mong Kok East Station
46- Lai Yiu ↔ Jordan (To Wah Road)
52X- Tuen Mun Town Centre ↔ Mong Kok (Park Avenue)
59A- Tuen Mun Ferry ↔ Sham Shui Po (Yen Chow Street)
265B- Tin Heng Estate ↔ Mong Kok (Park Avenue)
702- Hoi Lai Estate ↺ Kowloon Tong (Festival Walk)
702A- Aqua Marine ↔ Pak Tin
Cross Harbour Tunnel Bus
117- Sham Shui Po (Yen Chow Street) ↔ Happy Valley (Lower)
10A- Nam Cheong Station ↔ Festival Walk
10M- Nam Cheong Station ↔ Festival Walk
45B- Sham Shui Po (Ki Lung Street) ↺ So Uk Estate
45M- Caritas Medical Centre ↔ Sham Shui Po (Ki Lung Street)
75- Fu Cheong Estate ↺ Cheung Sha Wan Castle Peak Road
75A- Fu Cheong Estate ↺ Guilin Street (Rush Time Service)


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    Quite alot of cute stuff! I went to the there for clothes a year back, but did not see so many cute things. I like the rose mould! My agar-agar will taste alot better in that!

  2. Betty Liew says

    Sham Shui Poh very big place and I lost during my visit. I enjoying the food there. Less shopping cos the price is expensive.

  3. says

    OMG! Thank you for sharing this! I would love to visit HK and bookmark ur blog for future reference! Super helpful! And I miss those tokens at the arcade brings back childhood memories hehe

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