Royal Plaza on Scotts Singapore receives Watch Out World (W.O.W.) Special Mention Award by Great Place to Work from Minister for Manpower of Singapore, Mr Lim Swee Say. Great Place to Work strongly believes that the key to creating a great workplace goes beyond just providing employee benefits and programmes. The establishment of relationships at the workplace plays a major role, based on trust, pride and camaraderie. These key drivers are very close to heart as they resonate with the hotel’s Employee Value Proposition that is anchored on Trust & Respect, Passion, Celebration of Successes, Making a Difference and Fun at the Workplace.

At Royal Plaza on Scotts, talents are treated like how the hotel treats guests. This creates a happier workplace and increases the trust index in the hotel. Talents are able to pass on the positive emotions through their service delivery.

Some of the unique perks that were established based on a trust system, include the omission of clock-in & clock-out and submission of medical certificates policies. Talents also enjoy birthday leaves and 24-hour access to a fully-equipped gym and lounge with massage chairs and a mini theatre to unwind in.

Talents stay highly connected with the brand and colleagues via the Human Resources Facebook page, Photos from bonding sessions funded by “Bond to have Fun” programme, rolled out to encourage cross departmental interaction, are uploaded onto the platform so talents can share the joyful moments with colleagues and friends. Weekly delights are also welcomed treats for talents that break day-to-day work routines.  Some of the delights that talents have received include freshly-cut fruits, yoghurt or a signature dish from the hotel’s award-winning international buffet restaurant, Carousel.

Royal Plaza on Scotts extends the care to family members of talents. Children Education Subsidy was implemented to help finance school fees. In times of need, the hotel comes together to help families tide over difficult times. For example, when a sole bread winner has passed on or when the hometowns of talents were hit by disasters, calls for donations were organised. Talents feel that they are regarded as part of the family and stay engaged and motivated.

“The Watch Out World Special Mention Award 2015 by Great Place to Work is a recognition that is given to us by our talents, which validates our current practices. Through these best practices, we build a positive work culture which spurs our talents to be their best when they are at the workplace. This is directly linked with the positive emotional connections that our talents create with our guests,” said Mr Patrick Fiat, General Manager and Chief Experience Officer (CEO) of Royal Plaza on Scotts.

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