MIDO Korean BBQ Restaurant located in SS2 is indeed a great place for a Korean delights where you may find a good and decent Korean delights there. Operated by the Korean, you will be assured of the lovely Korean delights with the great service.

Dining in Mido is indeed like a home where the restaurant is cozy and they are well partition where one can enjoy their bbq or even Korean delights with family and friends in an intimate environment. A plus point for Mido is they use the underground ventilation system which is better as it prevents the usual BBQ smoke from seeping into our clothes and hair.

Starts your Korean delights with the Banchan. Variety to choose from from the fresh lettice. Seasoned arlic and more. Don’t be shy to ask for refill ! Aside, in Mido, they served four types of sauces – Sesame Oil with Salt, Ssamjang, Basil and Peanut sauce.

Being in a Korean Restaurant, I always love the BBQ delights and in Mido there have quite a vast variety of BBQ delights to go for as well. Enjoy their variety of bbq items such as the Chicken BBQ, Marinated Beef Ribs, Pork Collars and more
Chicken BBQ (RM 28)
The chicken leg is being marinated with their special Korean sauce mainly soy sauce.

Marinated Beef Ribs (RM 65 (280g/ pax))
The beef is well marinated using the Korean Method where the aging of the beef is being done to ensure that the beef is more tender and juicy. Nice and good.


Pork Collar (RM 30 (200g/pax) )
The pork is well marinated and it is well grilled on the hot charcoal chambers. You can truly taste the delicious pork collar. Nicely done.


Marinated Pork (RM 33 (200g)
This is where the pork is marinated with the fresh soy sauce and the aging for a well, it is then grilled and it brings up a sweeter taste to the pork.

While waiting for our bbq, we had some of the Korean signature dishes.


Spicy Pork Skin (RM 20)
The marinated pork skin which is believed to contain high collagen is well marinated till perfection. Brings you with the tasty and springy. Served with their bean powder with it.

Seafood Pancake (RM 25)
It is always a must for me to have seafood pan cake when I am in a Korean Restaurant. The seafood pancake which comes with the squid and prawn is one of the popular sides to enjoy together with Makkoli and.


Korean Fried Chicken (RM 25)
Whenever I think of Korean Fried Chicken; my mind will be definite to fly to the Korean Drama “I came from Star” and the Korean fried chicken here is slightly different as they fried them for twice. Seasoned prior to and after being fried. Choice of spicy an original. The spicy one where we had comes with the heavy note
The grilled items

Kimchi Soup (RM 22)
The lovely pot of seafood soup complete with the soothing taste which meets well with the fermented kimchi and beancurds. Served together with the rice and side dishes.

Tofu Kimchi Casserole (RM45).
Served in the iron casserole, the ingridients are packed in the huge bowl where you can find kimchi, vegetables, mushrooms, tofu, Korean vermicelli, rice cakes, sausages and more sat in a pool of kimchi based soup. Though is a huge bowl ; but it is indeed a comfort food. Nice.


Korean Ginseng Soup (RM 48)
I am loving the ginseng soup where the hearty bowl of soup which is packed with the fragrant and yet flavourful soup is amazingly good. The ginseng soup comes simply MIDO

Makkoli (RM28)
Don’t forget to order Makkoli (RM28)which is the traditional Korean wine which contacnts a high concentration of squalene and farnesal.

11-G, Jalan SS2/64,
47300 Petaling Jaya
Tel: 03-7865-9779

Facebook: www.facebook.com/midokoreanbbq

Business Hours:
Mon to Fri – 11.30am to 3.00pm (Lunch) / 5.30pm to 11.00pm (Dinner)
Sat to Sun & Public Holidays – 11.30am to 11.00pm


  1. Aliza Sara says

    Just passed by this place the other day. Was wondering what they serve. Looks a little pricey, but wouldnt mind giving it a go.

  2. says

    Been to here and try their BBQ before! Was quite nice but service still lack of professional maybe because is still new ya. Gonna try their Soup soon looks nice though XD

  3. Betty Liew says

    So nice especially the Korean Ginseng Soup. Korean fried chicken so tempting and fried chicken always my favourite

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