Nicholas Zhang Dong Liang (張棟樑) back to the industry after a long break where he comes up with more relaxing and different style of songs. Bringing you his latest album with the hit song  from his new album “長假”; you will be definitely to indulge with the non-so-romantic prince song as you always hear from him.

棟樑 is back on track again after his  3 years of absence with his new book “Long Vacation” and 3 OST in this album. Not just brings you his new song but also he appeared as a writer too. Some of the album pictures is taken by himself during the 3 year absence in the industry. The long winded road at his book is taken somewhere nearby his home in KL which he bought last year. Not just that, you can see how he changed from his past album compare to this album too. The “colored” hair, “prince”feel can’t really been seen in this album ; but he had put back “how is him as him not packaged as it is”.

And now; for his huge fans, you will definitely more happy than ever when he will be having his concert on 5th of December 2015 after his first concert in Bukit Jalil back in 2008 ( “ From Now On”) Concert. Recalling back to his concert I went back in 2008; the concert was a great one and we are completely crazy over him after his concert where his smiles, his jokes, and cry in the concert. Ever remember that and he has his bestie, Fish Leong to featured back in 2008 concert.

The concert will be held at Mega Star Arena, Kuchai Lama @ 05 December 2015 (8.30 pm). 
Ticket price : VIP : RM 368
PS1: RM  268 and PS2: RM 98

For those who are a big fans of Dong Liang, don’t miss out his concert. I am wondering who will be the guest apperance? “Kenji Wu”? Haha..


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