Chocolate lovers have reason to rejoice this holiday season as Chatime Malaysia and The Hershey Companyannounced their strategic collaboration to introduce Hershey’s chocolatey goodness in a new and exciting Chatime drink series.


As the leading lifestyle F&B brand in Malaysia, Chatime will melt hearts with its special range of dark chocolate drinks inspired by world renowned chocolate producer Hershey’s. For a limited time only, the Dark Chocolate Series with Hershey’s will be available at all 140 Chatime outlets in Malaysia. With this collaboration, Hershey’s can now be enjoyed beyond the usual chocolate bar – and in a satisfying cup of Chatime Smootea instead.
Available in two flavours, the Choc Peanut Butter Smootea and Choc Peppermint Smootea will definitely get the nod of approval from cocoa aficionados. The Choc Peanut Butter Smootea combines the creamy savoury smoothness of peanut butter with the classic taste of dark chocolate, topped with Hershey’s milk chocolate chips. The Choc Peppermint Smootea, also topped with Hershey’s milk chocolate chips, blends the aromatic dark chocolate with peppermint, resulting in a minty, cool yet sweet palate.
The Choc Peanut Butter Smootea and Choc Peppermint Smootea are exclusively available in Malaysia, as Chatime Malaysia regularly innovates new recipes as it aims to revolutionise the F&B industry in Malaysia. Recent innovations include the Pearl Thai Milk Tea, ice-blended Coconut Top Thai Milk Tea and the Cendol La-Tea series.
The new Choc Peanut Butter Smootea and Choc Peppermint Smootea are now available at RM8.50 (Regular). The Choc Peppermint Smootea is also served hot at RM7.50 per cup.
“It is important for Chatime Malaysia to embark on innovations to stay ahead in the industry, and offer brand excitement at the same time. We are constantly developing new drinks that will appeal to the local palate. The collaboration with Hershey’s is part of our innovation strategy, which includes strategic alliances to serve our consumers with premium products,” said Bryan Loo, Managing Director of Chatime Malaysia.
Chocolatea, our range of chocolate beverages, have always been a hit with Chatime fans, and we are happy to introduce the Dark Chocolate Series with Hershey’s to acknowledge their loyal and continuous support to Chatime Malaysia,” added Mr Loo.
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