Steaks & Lobsters is one of the hit in the town recently. Bringing you a cheerfully casual dining experience with clean and comfortable environment.


The menu comes simply simple with the 2 page menu with all the food listed there. Food variety is pretty extensive where the choices of the menu comes from poultry, seafood, pastas and more.
Crispy Hot BBQ Chicken Wings (RM 25)
The chicken wings are well glazed with the sweet and spicy citrus indeed double thumbs up. The good crunchy bites with no hint of sogginess and every mouthful is just perfect. Nice!

Garlic Escargot (6pcs) (RM18)
Not much appealing by the look of it but once a bite of the taste you will love it. The classic French Platter where the ascargot are drowned in their scrumptious garlic gravy with the serving of their charcoal bread slices. The thick gravy with the light hint of garlic is simply a good one. I love the taste of it and it is makes a good match with the charcoal bread slices.
Fried Portabella Fries (6 pcs) (RM19)
Deliciously done where the battered portabella mushroom drizzled with the Smoky Sriracha Aioli , one of our favorite appetizer.The mushroom brings you with the blend of complete juiciness in it. Nicely done.

Premium New Zealand Lamb Leg Steak (450gm)  
Great portion of Lamb Steak which is well prepared and done. The lamb is well grilled till perfection leaving us with the moist texture and with no gammy taste in it. Accompanied with some greenies to balance up the meaty delights.
For beef lover, you would be happily enjoyed their grass-fed Angus or wagyu beef from Australia in Steaks & Lobsters. Using the wet-aged method, the beef aging process where the beef is placed in vacuum sealed bag for aging instead of hung-to dry. With this, you will able to have a moist meat.
The Signature Smoked Supreme Chicken (RM27)
Served generously in a huge portion, the healthy breast meat chicken is indeed well done with the moist texture. The freshness and the healthy delights perhaps is something you look forward when visiting Steaks & Lobsters

Grilled Boston Lobster (RM68 half, RM128 whole)
Being in Steaks & Lobsters; you would not go home without trying their lobsters. Priced at reasonable price, you may enjoy your lobster either grilled or steamed. For me, I prefer the grilled lobster which brings you with the flavourful char-grilled taste in it. The lobster comes fresh and the meat is simply juicy. Deliciously done with the great flavours.
Steamed Boston Lobster (RM68 half, RM128 whole)
For those who love to taste the sweetness of the lobster meat, Steamed Lobster would be a good choice. Every mouthful of the lobster remains it sweetness together with the pluppy juicy meat in it.
Sizzling Brownies & Ice Cream (RM22)
Ends your meal with some sizzling brownies freshly made from the kitchen . Sweet things is just good to ends your meal.
Avocado Milk-Quakes (RM 17.90)
I love the Avocado Milk Quakes but it is slightly too creamy for me.

Duck Bacon Milkshake(RM17.90)
The Duck Bacon Milkshake is just as nice as it is with some crisp in it. Interestingly good.

Overall, Steaks & Lobsters is a great place for some casual meal. Food are good and price wise it is still at the affordable rate. Just the parking sometimes is kinda hard to find.

Steaks & Lobsters @ Desa Sri Hartamas
42, Jalan 24/70A, Desa Sri Hartamas,
50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tue-Sun:5:00 pm – 12:00 am


  1. says

    The garlic escargot looks so delicious. Yumms. And I want the lamb steak more than I want the lobster now. Am I weird? Haha. I’m a meat person through and through 😀

  2. says

    Was told about this place by a friend, Definitely planning to check this place out for their steaks, was told the lobsters just average tasting but the steaks are good.

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