Shinjiro Izakaya Yakitori, another nice place for a great dining experience for Yakitori lovers. Located at Tropicana City Mall in Petaling Jaya, Shinjiro Izakaya Yakitori brings you with the great environment and the beautiful casual yet attractive interior.
Bringing you the Izakaya concept, you can also enjoy the variety of alcoholic options where you can enjoy some beer, cocktails, or even sake and wisky too. It is indeed a nice place for some drink after a busy day in work. The interior is indeed beautifully done , which it brings you back to the Japanese style of Ikazaya.

Mixed Seaweed with Baby Shrimp ( RM 15.90)
Start your self with the Mixed Seaweed with Baby Shrimp where the mixed salad is served with the generous amount of greenies includes he romaine lettuce, cherry tomatoes together with the combination of 3 kinds of seaweed in it. Topped with the little shrimps on top and also the balsamic citrus dressing. The salad brings you an appetizing taste combined with the crunchy bites of the shrimps.
Shrimp Bisque Soup (RM 13.90)

The lovely bowl of creamy soup which completes with the rich pureee of shrimps combined wth the vegetable based broth where you can find the mixed of the asparagus, celery, onion, tomatoes and tomato paste.Nice one with the aromatic and flavourful taste.

Bincho Rice with Seaweed and Tofu Soup (RM 12.90)
The lovely bowl of warm grilled sticky rice which is soaked together with the tofu and seaweed in the delcious flavourful soup.


Shinjiro Burger (RM 18.90)
Uniquely presented. The beef comes moist and juicy. And we are indeed falling in love with the great dish.

Being in a Yakitori restaurant, a MUST to have is of course the Yakitori Selection. The vast selection of skewers are available where they have choices of Poultry like the Thigh and Leek, Thigh Teppanyaki, Chicken Nugget, Wings , Skin and more. Each of it is carefully prepared and grilled till perfection before it is served to their patrons.
Chicken Thigh Terayaki (RM 5.90)

Some includes the Chicken Thigh Terayaki (RM 5.80), Skin (RM 4.90), Gizzard (RM 4.90), Liver (RM 4.90), Duck Breast (RM 6.90) an more.
Fillet + Asparagus ( RM 6.90)

Sirloin (RM 8.90)
For beef selection, you may find the Sirloin (RM 8.90), Fillet with Enoki (RM 6.90), Fillet + Asparagus ( RM 6.90), Tripe (RM 5.90), Liver (RM 5.90) and more
Salmon (RM 8.90)


Squid Tentacles (RM 7.90)
Salmon with Mentai Sauce (RM 8.90)

Seafood Selection includes Salmon (RM 8.90), Fillet Mackarel (RM 12.90), Tuna (RM 8.90), Shrimp (RM 8.90), Squids (RM 8.90) and more.

Mushroom (RM 5.90)

Okra (RM 3.90)

As for the vegetable selection, you may get the choice from the Mushroom (RM 5.90), Sweet Potato (RM 5.90), Sweet Corn (RM 5.30) and more.

For those who prefer their own selection of flavours to their grilled items, you may choose your sauce selection from the chili, garlic chili, shio, teriyaki and more.
Some crunchy bites , you may order their Mixed Tempura (RM 18.90) where the classic tempura is added with a twist of creativity. Coated with the beancurd skin flakes before deep fried, you can have the shrimps,octopus and sweet potatoes to be coated and deep fried till perfection and it is the being drizzled with their in-house recipe which is the pistachio sesame sauce, complement the dish.

Not just yakitori selection is available here, but you may enjoy their pasta selection where you may enjoy the Teriyaki Beef Pasta (Rm27.90). The pasta indeed well done with the springy bouncy noodles together with the juicy beef with it.


For those who prefer having some rice in their meals, try the Salmon Sashimi With Ebiko (RM 28.90). The hearty bowl of rice complete with the salmon and ebiko. Stir them together with the avacado wasabi. I love them so much where the wholesome bowl of rice simply awesome.
Next is the Shinjiro Fried Rice (RM 16.90)
The bowl of hearty rice is filled with the little baby shrimps,, capsicum, scallion, garlic and crispy lotus topped with poached egg. Mixed them together and you will enjoy the smooth silky rice with extra fragrance.
Don’t miss their desserts. They have good variety of desserts and we had the Nutty Chocolate Finger (RM 13.90) with the fruits by the side. Every bites is sinfully good with the light crunchy bites.
Aside, I love their Greeen Tea Tiramisu (RM 13.00) where their tiramisu comes simply creamy and fragrant too.
Overall, Shinjiro Ikazaya Yakitori is indeed a great place for some light drinking together with the meals.
And whats more is they having a great of good promotion in beer too.

Shinjiro Izakaya Yakitori
Japanese Restaurant
Lot G-06 Ground Floor
Tropicana City Mall
3 Jalan SS20/27
Damansara Jaya
47400 Petaling Jaya
Tel: 03 – 7732 2986



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    Oh i realise i have not tried bincho rice before. Wondering how would it be. Definitely will drop by at this restaurant when im in tropicana

  2. says

    Ah, another lovely Japanese restaurant. If I were to dine at a Japanese restaurant once a month, it would take more than a year to try them out,

  3. says

    I like the environment of this restaurant. It also doesn’t serve the sushi or ramen like the usual Japanese restaurant. Judging from the pic, I can feel that the food is a production of a lot of effort in preparation and plate design . Love it!

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