Located at Times Square, BBQ Chicken brings you with the Korean style of fried chicken.The new branch brings you with their delicious great food where you can enjoy great taste and fresh food.

Pane Mushroom Cream Soup (RM13.90)
We had the the Pane Mushroom Cream Soup where the mushroom soup is being served in the crispy bread. Deliciously done with the blend of creamy taste. Every mouthful is amazingly delicious and I almost can complete the bowl of mushroom soup easily.

Hot Hot Drums (2 pcs : RM  16.50/ 4 pcs: RM 31.50/ 8 pcs:RM 59.90)
Watch out for the lips smacking spicy mouth burning sensation from their hot and spicy recipe all the way from Korea. The delicious tender chicken meat with the tip top marinated with the spicy sauce is something worth to try if you are someone who love spicy delights

Ganjeong Chicken (6 pcs: RM 16.50/ Half: RM 30.90/Whole : RM 59.90)
It is one of the selected chicken parts where they are being coated with the distinctive Korean Ganjeong Sauce which give us a sweet and sour taste. Something unique and not to be missed by Korean Fried Chicken lover.

Paris Wings (5 pcs: RM 15.90/ 10 pcs: RM  28.90 /20 pcs : RM 53.90)
The delicious crispy chicken wings are being marinated with the bbq special Paris Sauce tossed with the saunbood garlic and fresh chilly. Enjoy the spicy and sour taste that can excite your tastebuds.

Secret  Pasta Salad (RM 17.50)
The lovely mixture of the fresh vegetables deliciously tossed with the mixed pasta and garlic dressing. It is simply appetizing and every mouthful comes awesomely good.

Shrimp Olive Rice (RM 11.90)
For those who is a rice lover, try their healthy rice where the rice is cooked with the shrimps with olive oil.

Spoon Pizza (RM 28.50)
Unlike other pizza, we had the spoon pizza where you can scoop the cheesy pizza with a spoon. Using the special soft dough recipe, and topped  with the sous-vide chicken, potatoes, and Mozarella cheese, expects the unconventionally sweet and savory pizza flavour.

Jerk BBQ ( Ala Carte : RM 13.90 ( 1 pcs served with fries ) / Meal: 1 pcs served with rice of the day, salad and fries: RM 19.90)

One of a MUST in BBQ chicken which is their signature, the succulent whole chicken leg is being marinated with their signature Jamacian Jerk auce and then it cooked over a boiler. It is then being coated with another layer of the signature Jerk Sauce to give a better outer layer taste.

Sous Vide Chicken Steak (RM 27.50)
One of our favorites where the chicken breast has gone through more than 30 minutes of “massage” before being slow poached. The meat comes simply tender and juicy compared the the usual chicken breast meat. Served with a bed of sautéed baby potatoes, olives, cherry tomatoes and plum. Drizzled with olive oil.
For those who love to have some kick of Korean delights, you may pop to BBQ Chicken for a your crave.

BBQ Chicken
Berjaya Times Square
03-111, 3rd & 4th Floor, Berjaya Times Square, No. 1, Jalan Imbi, 55100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: (03) – 2110 4860


  1. says

    When was the last time I went to Berjaya?
    The place is quite huge so I always go straight to the place I intended to go and never explore
    Now I have another reason to go there

  2. says

    Walked passed it a few times, always wondered how it taste like. Always seem to get distracted by other stuff to actually venture in and order some dishes to try. :(

  3. says

    Wow. The Ganjeong Chicken looks yums. I always liked Korean chicken, the sweet & sour taste. But that BBQ looks delish too. Would definitely be spoilt for choice if I come here. :p

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