For those who are a big fans of snow skin mooncake, Luk Yu Tea House is offering an array of delicious snow skin mooncakes from 24th August till 27th September 2015. The mooncake is well made using the freshest and finest ingridients to ensure the highest quality.
This year Luk Yu comes out with their Charcoal Crystal Mooncake with the Premium White Lotus and Salted Egg Yolk where the mooncake is indeed nicely done and snow-dusted with the black charcoal snow skin, this starlet boasts of the old time favourite traditional white lotus paste with a whole salted egg yolk.

The Chilled Snow White Mooncake with Mango Puree comes simply beautiful with the chilled tropical delights promises bringing you a refreshing treat.

The Coffee Snow Skin Mooncake with Tiramisu is indeed one of my favourite as the mooncake is infused with the light coffee scent and adding with alcohol in it giving the tiramisu filling a subtle.

The Orange Snow Skin Mooncake with Premium Chocolate Filling and Orange Juliennes brings you with the hint of citrus accompany with the rich and decadent chocolate ffilling. It makes the orange snow skin even more tasty and fragrant.

As the Chilled Osmanthus Snow Skin Mooncake with Pumpkin and Almon Bites, the mooncake brings you with the fragrance of the osmanthus snow skin envolipes with a sweet pumpkin paste. Chewy and dense and each bites brings you with the crunchy almond bites.

Don’t miss the Chilled Pandan Snow Skin Mooncake with Aromatic Durian Puree. Malaysian Favorited which is where the snow skin is made from the pure pandan extract encasing the thick and creamy King of Fruits,\

The mooncakes are sold at RM 10.00 per piece and RM 50 per box for 6 mooncake .

Available at Luk Yu Tea House

Starhill Gallery, 181, Jalan Bukit Bintang
55100 Kuala Lumpur
+60 3-2782 3850

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