Nowadays, “High tea culture” has extended to be a fashionable social event in Hong Kong. To catch with the wave of afternoon tea, a beautifully-decorated three-layer afternoon tea set is newly introduced at Park café of Park Hotel Hong Kong, incorporating a range of refreshing and nourishing bird’s nest delights and desserts for your indulgence.

The newly presented “Bird’s Nest Afternoon Tea Set” is exclusively crafted by our Pastry Chef, which showcases an irresistible combination of pastries and savouries placing on the golden three-tiered tray for your temptation. At the bottom is the selection of delicate savouries including Mini Bamboo Charcoal Burger with Wagyu and Crab Leg, Seared Foie Gras on Toast, Smoked Salmon and Cucumber Sandwich and Parma Ham with Melon. While for the middle and top layers, vying for attention are the delightful bird’s Nest desserts like Durian Cheese Tart with Bird’s Nest, Fresh Fruit Tart with Bird’s Nest, Strawberry Meringue with Bird’s Nest and Honey, White Chocolate Mousse Cake with Bird’s Nest, Hokkaido 3.6 Milk Pudding with Bird’s Nest, Orange Custard Cup with Bird’s Nest and Raspberry Macaroon, all are prepared with colourful presentation to tantalize your taste buds. A perfect afternoon tea set must be complement with a cup of invigorating fruit tea. Fruity and fragrant, 4 exquisitely selected fruit teas including Fig Rose Tea, Apple Ginger Tea, Peach Fruit Tea and Heaven’s Berry Organic Tea are available for patrons’ selection, it is sure to relieve and recharge your mind.

Apart from the afternoon tea set, “Bird’s Nest Fantasia” Afternoon Tea Buffet will be also served at Park café. The buffet incorporates the best quality of bird’s nest and ingredients with masterful cooking skills of our chefs, showcasing the most tantalizing delicacies for your enjoyment. Signature dishes are Shrimp and Purple Sweet Potato Salad with Quinoa and Bird’s Nest, Seafood and Mango Salad with Bird’s Nest, Salmon Fried Rice with Quinoa and Bird’s Nest. In addition to the above, Thai Noodle in Soup prepared a la minute, Assorted Sushi and Sushi Rolls, Salad and various hot dishes are unlimitedly served to fill up your appetite too. To please your palate, various bird’s nest desserts are also specially introduced, such as Bird’s Nest Swiss Roll, Bird’s Nest Crème brûlée and Bird’s Nest Egg Tart, all of them are as tasty as they look. Other sweet hot picks like cooked-to-order Mango Pancake and Waffle, Green Tea and Almond Panna Cotta, Home-made Chinese Beancurd Pudding, Ice cream and assorted mini cakes are also delicately prepared to satisfy the cravings of sweet aficionados.

Whether on weekdays or weekend, it will be a superb enjoyment for you to spend a leisure tea time with your beloved ones at Park cafe!

Nest Afternoon Tea Set
set for 1
set for 2
to Thursday
to Sunday and Public Holidays
to Sunday and Public Holidays
– Tea Set will be available from 5 October 2015 while tea buffet will be available from 9 October 2015
–   Both tea Set and tea buffet are available from 3pm to 5pm
–  All prices are subject to 10% service charge based on the original prices
Throughout October 2015, guests who “Like” the Facebook Fan page of Park Hotel Hong Kong may download a 28% off coupon on “Bird’s Nest Afternoon Tea Set” and“Bird’s Nest Fantasia” Afternoon Tea Buffet which is applicable from 5 to 31 October 2015 (offer is subject to 10% service charge based on the original prices).

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