Beginning of this month until end of the year, Qing Zhen Chinese Restaurant is proud to introduce a new promotion that’s nutritious, wholesome and at a valuable price even Mom would approve !

Chinese Sous chef Jerry Yeong created this promotion with health and well-being in mind at an affordable price for today’s urban office workers. The double-boiling method used to make the herbal chicken soup usually means slow cooking the ingredients which can easily take up to four hours. This method involves placing the soup pot over another pot of boiling water which uses heat to slowly release nutrients from the ingredients into the soup. The result is a potful of light-tasting herbal chicken essence which is both sweet and savoury thanks to the evenly cooked chicken pieces plus a careful blend of traditional chinese herbs, such as Dried Red Date, Angelica Sinesis (Dang Gui), Ligusticum, Codonopsis Goji Berry, Astragalus Bark and of course Ginseng Root. The ‘’health tonic’’ is believed by the Chinese to have warming properties which help to boost our immune system and general well being. Both sets are served with steamed brown rice and double-boiled chicken soup, while choosing from set 1 – braised fish with yam and bean curd sticks, and poached choy sum with crisp garlic ; set 2 stir-fried beef pepper with celery, and steamed brocolli with mushroom in oyster sauce.

Ayam Kampung Duo set menu 1 and 2 is priced at RM35nett for two persons and is available from August until December 2015.

For more information and reservations, please call (6 03) 2147 0888 extension 7668 or email [email protected].

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