Tiffin is an Indian English word for a light mid day meal. In South India and Nepal, tiffin is generally an in between-meals snacks – dosas, idlis, etc. Also known as ‘mangkuk tingkat’ in Malay, ‘pua chan’ in Chinese or ‘thukku chatti’ in Tamil, tiffin carriers have been an important part of our Malaysian culture.

Tiffin is used widely in Malaysia as a carrier for packed lunches. It is usually used by farmers in padi field or vegetable farms as they often do not return home for lunch. In the effort of promoting this old tradition, Saloma Theatre & Restaurant is showcasing tiffin set for lunch. There are three sets that rotates daily.

For the first set, mains are ayam masak merah, ikan tenggiri asam pedas and kangkung belacan. Kari ayam kentang, ikan keli berlada, kobis goreng kunyit is featured in the second set while ayam goreng berempah, kari ikan utara and kacang panjang goreng bersambal completes the third set. All tiffin set includes mango salad, white rice, omelette, fresh fruits for dessert and hot coffee or tea.

This promotion is available daily for lunch only at RM20.00 nett (min. 2 persons). Enjoy good food, fine service and the cosy ambience of Saloma.

For reservations, please call 2161 0122.


  1. Norida says

    As salam,

    Bole sy dptkan menu tiffin utk hari rabu (20 july 16) & khamis (21 july 16)?

    Saloma Bistro ada private room/space utk 30 pax?

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