Tefal, the world’s leading cookware and small home appliances maker is back with their brand new ‘Tefal Instant Control IS8320’ and ‘Tefal Instant Control IS8380’ garment steamers. The new garment steamers are made for simplicity seekers and high-tech enthusiasts who want to quickly and efficiently remove wrinkles, refresh and sanitize their garments. Thanks to its perfect steaming technology, the Tefal Instant Control garment steamer range targets parents and individuals who want to own a trendy, well-designed product that is able to ease ironing chores and look good at the same time.

The Tefal Instant Control IS8380 works effortlessly thanks to its world exclusivity innovation, the ‘Press & Steam’ vertical support.  The easy rolling material provides a flat surface for garments to lie on and holds them in place. It is made of a highly heat resistant glass fibre and polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) coating fabric, which makes it perfect to resist heat, steam and stretches.

Tefal Instant Control IS8320 and IS8380 are powered at a maximum of 1600W and 1700W respectively. They are able to produce variable steam up to 35g per minute within 45 seconds, garnering 60 minutes autonomy to remove wrinkles and odours, sanitize and kill bacteria or bedbugs on all kind of fabrics. Also, the garment steamer has a high-tech XXL Delta metal steam head with a pointed tip for efficient wrinkle removal on all fabrics. Its large head makes it faster to steam any clothes as it covers a wider surface.  It is also very convenient, as users are able to change the steam settings on the handle; the IS8320 has 2 variable steam settings, whereas the IS8380 has 5 variable steam settings.

For long lasting steam performance, the Tefal Instant Control IS8320 and IS8380 will solve consumers’ worries with its easy descaling solution, which prolongs the garment steamers lifetime. The anti-calc system entails the rinsing to occur in the boiler. Tefal has also designed the ingenious Electronic Auto Off feature that switches off after 8 minutes of dry water tank to avoid it from heating out for safety measures.

The Tefal Instant Control IS8320 and IS8380 is designed with an intuitive control panel that consists of light indicators to signal when it is steam-ready, as well as alert users when the tank is empty (IS8380 only) and when the steamer is descaling (IS8380 only). Both the garment steamers have a removable 1.7 litres water tank and contain a detachable base with a pole. The Tefal Instant Control garment steamer range comes with a large integrated hanger for shirts and jackets, rotative clips to easily hang pants and skirts, and a hanger hook to use your own hanger. It is also convenient to store due to the aluminium profiled telescopic pole. The robust transport handle allows for easy lifting and transportation.

The Tefal Instant Control garment steamers come with accessories such as a fabric brush that opens the thick weave of the fabrics for a better steam penetration as well as gloves to avoid burns and protect hands from hot steams. On the other hand, the Tefal Instant Control IS8380 will have two additional accessories: a storage pouch, a crease attachment that assist users to easily create pant creases as well as a lint pad that effectively removes hair, lint and animal fur for a professional finish.

The modern, sturdy and high-performing Tefal Instant Control IS3820 and IS3830 will be available in main department stores and electrical specialists by June 2015 at the retail price of RM549 and RM799 respectively.

For more information on Tefal’s products, please visit or contact customer service: +603-7802 3000.



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    Tefal Instant Control IS3820 works very well for me. I never use an iron after the first using a garment steamer. I recommend it to all my friends and to everyone.

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