Pizzolo – a place to drink, eat and socialize, for weekdays, weekends and special occasions. Located in Atria Shopping Gallery, the Italian eatery with the contemporary twist brings you with the combination of serious dining in a casual environment.

The menu comes simple with a 2 page menu which is compact and packed with their signatures lining up to savour your tastebuds.
pizzolo, atria
Wild Mushroom Soup Cuppuccino (RM 14.90)
The delicious mushroom soup comes simply appetizing and addictive. Cooked with the wild mushroom, the soup doesn’t come too thick but it gives us a flavourful blend of taste.
pizzolo, atria
Traditional Italian clam Chowder (RM 16.90)
Bringing you the creamy sensation of clam chowder where every mouthful is divinely good with the fragrant taste of clam chowder in it.
pizzolo, atria
Chilled Tomato, Watermelon and Feta (RM 17.90)
The salad comes simply appetizing where the chilled tomato, watermelon and feta cheese comes simply appetizing. It is such a great combination before we goes to the main.
pizzolo, atria
Seared Scallops on Avocado Tartar (RM 25.90)
Uniquely presented salad where the greenies are served with the avocado tartar and at the sides it is decorated with the pulpy juicy avocado which is topped with the tartar of avocado and ebiko on top. Lovely!
pizzolo, atria
Deep Fried Calamari (RM 17.90)
The calamari is being deep fried till perfection where the outer layer remains its crispiness while the inside remains the juiciness. Dipped them with their homemade signature sauce for the kick of sourines!
pizzolo, atria
Trout ceviche in crispy kataifi pastry nests (RM19)
For seafood lover, this would be a good choice where it is crispy at the outside and the inside comes with the juicy sensation. It is a delicious light appetizers to go along while you are waiting for the pizza to be served.

As for the pizzas; you will be definite pampered with the variety choices of the thin crust pizza which is made fresh from their kitchen. Their selection of pizza comes with the wide choices from the Beef with Brussels (RM 32.90) , Classic Pepporoni (RM 30.90), Charred Salmon Belly (RM 39.90) and many more.
pizzolo, atria
South Texas Barbecue Chicken (RM 28.90)
We had the South Texas Barbecue Chicken (RM 28.90) which comes with the thin crispy base and topped with sliced chicken meat, chillies, olives as well as capsicums together. The pizza comes with the kick of spiciness.

pizzolo, atria

Hawaiian Chicken (RM 30.90)
Deliciously done, the Hawaiian chicken pizza served pretty huge with the generous ingredients like the chicken meat as well as pineapple and onions together.
pizzolo, atria
Sweet Cranberry Jam and Savoury Cheeses (RM 26.90)
A pizza for someone who love some sweet delights. The lovely pizza with the sweet bites is pretty unique to go for and it’s like having desserts.

pizzolo, atria
Sea Clams Linguine (RM 28.90)
Not just serving pizzas, they do served pastas in their menu too. The Sea Clams Linguine comes simply delicious where the pasta is well cooked till al-dente and served together with the fresh seafood with it. Brings you with the light hint of spiciness in it.

pizzolo, atria

Italian Crepe (RM 15.90)
We ended with the Italian crepe which is amazingly good. Topped them with an Artisanal Ice Cream at RM 6.90.

Ground Floor, Atria Shopping Gallery, Damansara Jaya, Selangor.
Tel: 03-7731-9810

* Thanks to Malaysianflavours for the pictures.

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