Mid-Autumn Festival is one of the important traditional Chinese festivals that family unites to share moon cakes and enjoy the full moon together. To share the happiness of reunion, Harbour Grand Hong Kong’s Chinese restaurant, Kwan Cheuk Heen, proudly introduces 3 types of handcrafted Chiuchow style moon cakes – Baked Lotus Seed Paste and Egg Yolk Moon Cakes, Baked Chestnut Paste Custard Moon Cakes and Baked Durian Custard Moon Cakes for you to celebrate the celestial tradition which symbolizes togetherness and fullness of life. This year, the newly designed moon cake package will surely be the perfect gift for your friends and business partners.

Baked Lotus Seed Paste and Egg Yolk Moon Cake HK$218 / box (8 pieces)
Combining Chiuchow style moon cake crust with traditional moon cake’s filling of lotus seed paste and egg yolk, the moon cakes are baked instead of deep-fried in order to reduce fats and calories, so as to cater the health-conscious gourmands.

Baked Chestnut Paste Custard Moon Cake HK$198 / box (8 pieces)
Implanting a rich nutty taste to the moon cakes by stuffing chestnut puree with custard as fillings, adds a balanced, creamy palate to the traditional Chinese bakery.

Baked Durian Custard Moon Cake HK$238 / box (8 pieces)
Top quality and fresh durian blended together with custard creating a fine texture and unique flavour wrapped in a crispy golden crust ignites your senses. These dainty moon cakes are definitely irresistible to durian lovers!
Early bird discount on moon cakes
Purchase before the designated dates below to enjoy early bird discounts!
31 July 2015: 25%
31 August 2015: 20%
15 September 2015: 15%

Moon Cake Gift Vouchers are available. You can also enjoy up to 30% discount for bulk purchase. Mid-Autumn Hampers from HK$1,988 are now ready for pre-order. Visit our eShop to purchase the moon cakes anytime anywhere. For enquiry or place your order, please contact Kwan Cheuk Heen.

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