Pizza Hut Malaysia is greeting all pizza lovers this coming Ramadan and Raya celebration with a delicious spread perfect for sharing – the Dulang Citra Ramadan. A part of Citarasa Ramadan’s promotion that greets fans every fasting month, the Dulang Citra Ramadan introduces a new unique item which is the Nasi Ayam Itali Kurma.

With the tagline “A feast no one wants to miss!” the new Dulang Citra Ramadan features an abundance of food that is not just affordable but satisfying at the same time. Other than delicious pizzas and amazing sides, the new mouthwatering Nasi Ayam Itali Kurma will definitely please your appetite. Unique and fulfilling, the rice dish contains Italian herbs, shredded chicken, chicken sausage and roasted mushrooms, served with delicious Kurma sauce. Pasta lovers can indulge in the Beef Arrabiata Spaghetti which contains beef brisket strips, roasted mushrooms and capsicum in a spicy Arrabiata sauce with chili flakes. The Smokin’ BBQ Chicken Pizza is topped with an abundance of roasted chicken chunks, mushrooms, onions and mozzarella cheese drizzled with BBQ sauce.

“We are glad to be able to provide something special for our fans to look forward to for Buka Puasa. At Pizza Hut, our R&D team is constantly finding ways to create unique, one of a kind meals for our customers to enjoy. So, this time around, it’s a pleasure to be able to present to our customers this delicious spread,” said Felix D. Michael, Head of Pizza Hut Malaysia.

Customers can opt for Dulang Citra Ramadan 1 that is good for two people, containing one regular Smokin’ BBQ Chicken or Hawaiian Chicken pizza, Nasi Ayam Itali Kurma, Acar, Chicken Fingers, Chips and Tomato Salsa, and two glasses of Zesty Selasih. Dulang Citra Ramadan 2 which serves up to four people consists of one large Smokin’ BBQ Chicken or Hawaiian Chicken pizza, one Beef Arrabiata Spaghetti or Bolognaise Spaghetti, one Nasi Ayam Itali Kurma, Acar, Chips and Tomato Salsa, and a pitcher of Zesty Selasih. Price for Dulang Citra Ramadan 1 are RM42.50 nett (only RM21.25 nett per person), and Dulang Citra Ramadan 2 RM65.50 nett (only RM16.40 nett per person) (all prices may vary by location).

In conjunction with the World Hunger Relief 2015 Campaign and in the spirit of giving, every meal that you buy can help save a child’s life. From every Citarasa Ramadan Combo purchased, RM0.50 will be donated to the World Hunger Relief fund (customers who do not wish to participate can opt to do so by informing the service crew).

The advertising and promotion strategies for the Citarasa Ramadan include newspaper and online social media announcements, as well as below the line – point of sales materials (POSM) and leaflets – for a wider reach to customers. Pizza Hut’s Citarasa Ramadan promotion is now available at all Pizza Hut restaurants in the country for a limited duration, from 15 June to 21 July 2015.

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