Hotel Equatorial Melaka welcomes Ramadhan 2015 with an array of Iftar offerings during the holy month. Guests may celebrate both Iftar and Sohour with their loved ones to a truly memorable dining experience and feast on an array of local and international culinary delights at Hotel Equatorial Melaka’s Phoenix Ballroom.

This year’s Ramadhan, our Executive Chef, Mohamad Sharif presents an enticing combination of extensive range of international dishes with Middle Eastern cuisine starting from 18 June to 16 July 2015, available for RM 88.00 nett per adult and RM44.00 nett per child, from 6.30pm to 10.00pm. With over 200 items of delicacies being featured in the buffet daily, we bring you the fresh new dining experience when dining with us.

For the Middle Eastern dining experience, guests can start with such appetizer as Squid with Mango Salad. The classic way mango salad with a combination of crispy yellow mango and squid julienne that is marinated with fish sauce, lemon juice and traditional Nyonya sambal belacan that tantalize your taste buds.

Venture into the main courses that you should not miss such as Prawn With Bamboo Sprout that strikes a deep chord with their delicate textures. Guests can enjoy the fried marinated prawn with fried bamboo shoot that balanced beautifully with traditional Malay sambal during their dinner.

For guests who are looking for an authentic traditional Malay cuisine, Ikan Pari Assam Manga Muda (Braised Stingray with Spicy Young Mango Sauce), with the crispness of the fish, sautéed with fresh turmeric and homemade assam jawa that is perfectly mixed and full of flavour will be our top recommendation.

Another signature dish is the Roasted Rack of Lamb with Kabsa Rice, a juicy lamb that made out of 7 Arabian spices cook to perfection in rich kabsa flavor with Arabic tomato garnish with boiled-egg and capsicum.

Should you wish to favour the sampling of international dishes, guests can enjoy their dinner with Shish Tauk with Saffron Rice, one of the most popular traditional Middle Eastern cuisines. It showcases plenty of Middle Eastern ingredients such as sumac and paprika, alongside prime kebabs that offers bite-size sampler of popular dish.

Slow roast the entire lamb at 180°C temperature that has been carefully marinated with 7 Arabian spices and paprika, top with Middle Eastern Biryani rice that will transform into a wholesome meal for the night.

To complete the feast, guests can delight in special dessert such as Nyonya Layer Cake, which comes with silky and cottony texture that set off for a marvelously sweet time for their dinner.

To all the early bird bookings, you will receive a 20% discount if you book your dinner from 15 May to 17 June 2015. Also, we are selling the gift vouchers at RM 880 nett for 12 vouchers ( 10+2 complimentary)

For more information or dining reservations, kindly call +06 282 8333 ext: 3331 or email to [email protected]

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